Wolters Kluwer and American Journal of Nursing announce 2021 Book of the Year winners

Newswise – December 23, 2021 the AJN The Book of the Year program is an honored and prestigious competition in which the best nursing publications that have captured the attention of healthcare and nursing professionals are chosen by a panel of highly esteemed judges in the nursing community. health care. Prizes were awarded for first, second and third place in 18 categories.

Since 1969, AJNThe Book of the Year award recognized that high quality nursing and health publications are topics, ”said Maureen Shawn Kennedy, MA, RN, FAAN, editor-in-chief of AJN. “We are proud that so many nursing educators look to the recipients when making resource decisions to train the next generation of nurses,” she added.

Congratulations to all the winners!

The first place winners in 2021 are:

Primary care for adults: Essential procedures for emergencies, emergencies and primary care: a clinical companion edited by Theresa M. Campo and Keith A. Lafferty. 3rd edition.

Advanced nursing practice: Multimodal pain assessment and management: an integrative approach by Maureen F. Cooney and Ann Quinlan-Colwell.

Child health: Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Cheryl C. Rodgers and David Wilson. 11e editing.

Community / Public Health: Delivering High Quality Primary Care: Rebuilding the Foundations of Health Care edited by Linda McCauley, Robert L. Phillips Jr., Marc Meisnere and Sarah K. Robinson.

creative works: Lights from the past: stories of fifty extraordinary nurses by Mary Beth Modic and Joyce J. Fitzpatrick.

Intensive care – Emergency nursing care: Essential procedures for emergencies, emergencies and primary care: a clinical companion edited by Theresa M. Campo and Keith A. Lafferty. 3rd edition.

Digital Products: Davis Edge for Safe Maternity and Pediatric Nursing by Luanne Linnard-Palmer and Gloria Haile Coats. 2nd edition.

Environmental health: Maxwell’s Understanding of Environmental Health: How We Live in the World by Deborah Alma Falta. 3rd edition.

Nursing care in gerontology: Gerontological nursing and healthy aging by Ebersole and Hess by Theris A. Touhy and Kathleen Jett. 6th edition.

History and public policy: Provide quality health care to people with disabilities by Suzanne C. Smeltzer.

Computer science : Using predictive analytics to improve healthcare outcomes edited by John W. Nelson, Jayne Felgen and Mary Ann Hozak.

Mother and child health / Antenatal care / Childbirth: Mosby’s Pocket Guide to Fetal Surveillance: A Multidisciplinary Approach by Lisa A. Miller, David A. Miller and Rebecca L. Cypher. 9th edition.

Medico-surgical nursing care: Multimodal pain assessment and management: an integrative approach by Maureen F. Cooney and Ann Quinlan-Colwell

Nursing training / Continuing education / Professional development: Veteran-Centered Care in Education and Practice: An Essential Guide for Nursing Educators edited by Brenda Elliott, Katie A. Chargualaf and Barbara Patterson.

Nursing management and leadership: The leadership trajectory: developing the legacy of ship-leaders by Patricia Yoder-Wise, Karren Kowalski and Susan Sportsman.

Nursing research: The Burns and Grove Nursing Research Practice: Assessment, Synthesis, and Evidence by Jennifer R. Gray and Susan K. Grove. 9th edition.

Professional problems: The Nation of Nurses: A Handbook to Revolutionize Healthcare by Jalil A. Johnson.

Psychiatric and mental health nursing: Psychiatric Nursing in Hospital Settings: Clinical Strategies, Medical Considerations, and Practical Interventions edited by Judy L. Sheehan, Joanne M. Matthew, Mary H. Hohenhaus and Charles Alexandre. 2nd edition.

The full list of winners appears in the January 2022 issue of AJN.


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