Wicked Movies of the West: 10 Alberta Horror Movies

Spoiler: Cronenberg did it!

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Untold Horror author Dave Alexander is an expert on all things cinematically macabre and brings us his “Wicked Flicks of the West” list, outlining 10 must-see horrors that were made, and all in Alberta.

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1. Bloodthirsty (2020, Amelia Moses)

“This cool fur coat set on a classic creature story has a queer pop singer discovering her true wilderness.”

2. Come True (2020, Anthony Scott Burns)

“A runaway teen joins a sleep experiment that turns the shadowy silhouettes of her nightmares into reality.”

3. Phantom Guardian (1981, Jim Makichuk)

“Snowmobilers stranded in an abandoned hotel in the Rockies are being tracked by a… wendigo!

4. Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (2004, Brett Sullivan)

“This solid second entry in the Gingersnaps trilogy has Brigette institutionalized and stalked by a monster while trying to ward off the lycanthropy that killed her sister.”

Special effects artist Howard Berger applies gore to Canadian actor Eric Johnson in preparation for a scene with
Special effects artist Howard Berger applies gore to Canadian actor Eric Johnson in preparation for a scene with ‘The Beast’ in the Edmonton film Ginger Snaps 2. Photo by Greg Southam /Postmedia

5. Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987, Bruce Pittman)

“The ghost of murdered prom queen Mary Lou shows up to terrorize the teenagers of Hamilton High in an ambitious sequel to Canuck’s slasher classic.”

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6. Hold the Dark (2018, Jeremy Saulnier)

“The director of Green Room expertly adapts Macon Blair’s atmospheric novel about a tracker hunting a killer wolf, only to discover something wrong.”

7. Knuckleball (2018, Michael Peterson)

“A 12-year-old visits his grandfather’s farm and gets caught up in a twisted family secret.”

Munro Chambers as Dixon in Knuckleball.
Munro Chambers as Dixon in Knuckleball. Photo by file

8. Nightbreed (1990, Clive Barker)

“David Cronenberg plays a serial killer in Clive Barker’s beloved tale about a man drawn to an underworld where ‘monsters’ lurk from the humans who persecute them.”

9. Reflective Skin (1990, Philip Ridley)

“This surreal, metaphor-rich masterpiece combines family tragedy, child killer, vampirism and grotesque imagery set against a backdrop of golden grassland.”

10. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010, Eli Craig)

“A series of increasingly bloody and hilarious incidents blur classic survival horror tropes when campers mistake two well-meaning hillbillies for backcountry killers.”

Alexander just released Untold Horror, a book about horror movies eternally stuck in development hell. He talked about it at length in the Journal, in particular about the gateway drug to horror. Read the full feature here.



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