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An elementary school in South Tyneside has developed an innovative idea for storytelling, as it continues to spread the enthusiasm and joy of reading throughout the region.

Teachers and students at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, part of the Bishop Chadwick Catholic Education Trust, recorded a number of short videos of themselves reading classic Christmas stories that were created .

The storytelling initiative titled ‘Find the Stories, Crack the Code’ will see around 22 QR codes planted in the area, with families and children encouraged to find them, scan them and enjoy the YouTube video stories they activate. .

Saint-Joseph Catholic Primary School

Paul Craig, Director of St Joseph’s, said:

“As technology continues to change and impact our lives, we really go out of our way to ensure that the love and joy that can be found in reading and listening to stories is never lost.

“Through video stories that include classics like The Gruffalo’s Child, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and A Christmas Carol, we want to demonstrate that reading and telling stories is for everyone.

“What we’ve done is create a range of video stories that each have their own QR code. We have placed the QR code stickers all over the neighborhood in stores, community centers, nursing homes and other public facilities, in the hope that people will find them, scan them, and enjoy our stories wherever they go. they are.

At the end of each clip, children are told a letter of the alphabet. When all the stories are found and listened to, they will be able to use all the letters to decipher a special code that will decipher a hidden message.

Virtual storytelling to encourage the love of reading

The online storytelling initiative follows a recent successful reading journey that began mid-October. Families and children of St Joseph are encouraged to take pictures and share them with the school via email. These photos will then be shared on the school’s Facebook page to help people find the QR codes so they can listen to the stories.

Paul said, “The goal is to find all the QR codes and make sure all of our wonderful stories are watched and heard.

“Reading is not only a vital skill, it is also a magical experience for which one is never too young or too old.

“We know how families use their phones for entertainment and education, and we see QR codes as the perfect way to share stories.

“The staff and students loved reading their favorite stories and we hope our families enjoy listening to them while on vacation. “

Parents of students who find a QR code are encouraged to share details and a photo with the school by sending an email to:

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