Vette Vues magazine turns 50 in August 2022

Punta Gorda, FL, July 02, 2022 –(– The upcoming August 2022 issue of Vette Vues magazine marks the 50th anniversary of the magazine’s continued publication.

The magazine has been a source of community and connection among Corvette owners for five decades. The different issues of the publication contain:

Upcoming Corvette Car Shows and Events

corvette advertisers

Corvette Classifieds and More

“We are proud to celebrate 50 years of continuous publication and look to the future,” said publication president William Wolf of the magazine‘s enduring success.

The rich history of Vette Vues magazine contributes to the celebration of its 50th anniversary in August. In 1972, when publication began, James Prather was employed at the local Postal Service and wanted a magazine that catered to him and his fellow Corvette owners. He took the first step towards this dream by sending letters to Corvette clubs to see if there was any interest in this kind of publication.

James Prather began the process of creating the first issue with a hand-cranked mimeograph machine. While it looked like a newsletter at first, he eventually sent it off to a professional printer, in which case it started to look like a modern magazine. Early issues contained mostly classifieds and no articles, but the content of the issues began to grow over time.

Eventually, how-to articles and technical articles were in high demand, so James Prather began including them in the magazine each month as well. Corvette readers and enthusiasts also became more interested in articles about Corvette racing results and achievements, so Vette Vues began to include this type of information as well.

Vette Vues magazine’s first big milestone anniversary dates back to 1981 when Prather marked the 10th year of continuous publication with a special edition of the magazine. The Best of Vette Vues Magazine Volume 1 was the magazine’s first anniversary edition.

In 1997 Prather retired and the magazine was sold to William and Bonnie Wolf, who still own it today. They released the second Best of Vette Vues magazine collector’s book 10 years later, on the 35th anniversary of Vette Vues’ continued publication.

Vette Vues magazine began producing events in October 2009, including the Corvette/Chevy Expo in Houston, Texas. He introduced the Tri-Power Award, recognizing the Corvette with the greatest originality and attention to detail in September 2013. Vehicles inducted to this honor are officially listed on a registry with their VIN number and are featured in the magazine.

Magazine subscribers and Corvette enthusiasts should be on the lookout for the August 2022 edition of the magazine, which is likely to become a collector’s item in the Corvette community. As the publication marks its 50th year in continuous print, it now features merchandise, produces events and has a blog with regular updates. To learn more about upcoming issues of the magazine and Corvette events, readers can visit the journal website:

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