The Kirby Storybook series begins on Nintendo’s YouTube channel

Nintendo’s official YouTube channel has uploaded the first-ever episode of the seven-part storybook series “It’s Kirby Time – Read-Along”.

The official nintendo The YouTube channel has uploaded the first episode of a new Kirby series of tales, which follows the lighthearted adventures of the pink puffball. the Kirby franchise is one of Nintendo’s most kid-friendly series, even though the Kirby the games have ominous hidden bosses for players to fight against.

It’s not uncommon for Nintendo to post animated shorts on its social media, but it’s something that’s more closely associated with the Pokemon franchise. This is likely due to The Pokémon Company still producing animation for the franchise, so it has the framework to easily create shorts for social media. The official Pokémon YouTube channel has uploaded all sorts of heartwarming and goofy videos over the years, ranging from short cartoons set in the Galar region to ASMR videos centered around Pokémon eating food. One of the best Pokemon YouTube videos are Bidoof’s Big Boothwhich is an eight-minute epic about a Bidoof winning a Pokemon tournament battle.


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Nintendo is releasing animated shorts online for one of its first-party franchises. The official nintendo The YouTube channel has uploaded the first episode of It’s Kirby Time, a seven-part story series, featuring Kirby and his friends and foes from his games, as they go on adventures. There are also French, Portuguese and Spanish versions of the episode on the same channel.

The first episode of It’s Kirby Time is called “Kirby’s Tiny World”, and it follows Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede and others Kirby game characters playing hide and seek in Whispy Woods, going on a treasure hunt in a cave filled with gems, picking watermelons in a field, bathing and napping on a friendly whale, exploring a haunted forest and making paper airplanes. This could be a sign that Nintendo is showing more interest in Kirby, especially since Kirby and the Forgotten Land to beat Ring of Elden in Japan’s launch sales, so the company could see more multimedia potential for the character, especially with the Super Mario Bros. film slated for release in 2022.

Kirby already had an animated series in the early 2000s, fondly remembered Kirby: Back home!, which had a hilarious English localization. the Kirby The franchise is one of Nintendo’s most family-friendly series, and the storybook shorts are a great way to introduce the character to kids. There are still six episodes left. It’s Kirby Time to come, and they will hopefully be as delicious as the first ones. Kirby and the Forgotten Land was a success, and there could be great things in the future for Kirby outside the realm of the game.

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Source: Nintendo/YouTube

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