The Halo encyclopedia will have 500 pages and will be released in 2022

343 Industries is partnering with Dark Horse Comics to produce an updated edition of the Halo Encyclopedia, which will span approximately 500 pages.

Developer 343 Industries has teamed up with Dark Horse Comics for an updated version of the Halo Encyclopediawhich spans around 500 pages and is set to launch in March 2022. But some fans of the 20-year-old sci-fi franchise may already have a copy of Halo Encyclopedia stored on their shelves.

Originally published in 2009 by DK Publishing, Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Halo Universe received an expanded edition in 2011. The 368-page revision covered everything from 2001 Combat evolved to Bungie’s latest entry in the series – Halo: scope. Fans who flipped through the comprehensive guide found themselves lost in the details of the Spartan program, the larger universe, and the expanded lore previously explored in the comics and novels. Essentially, the 2011 edition of the Halo Encyclopedia guided readers through all facets of the award-winning property. Given the number of Halo sequels that have since launched, it looks like the brand is waiting for another in-depth guide.


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The 343 franchise team of Jeff Easterling, Jeremy Patenaude and Kenneth Peters will write the new edition of Halo Encyclopedia, produced in conjunction with Dark Horse Comics. announced on Halo Waypoint, the encyclopedia will turn out to be 25% larger than its predecessor, with almost 500 pages. Fans can expect the collection to contain original concept art from 343 creations, Dark Horse art, lore, clarification, and “maybe even some revelations“Defining the spirits of Halo faithful at ease, the post on Halo Waypoint also revealed that the brand’s longtime cross referent, Stephen Loftus, will participate as a fact checker. Pre-order details should be posted online”very soon,” with Halo Encyclopedia Released March 29, 2022. Check out the book cover below:

halo encyclopedia cover

Since the extensive compendium will undoubtedly contain information regarding Infinite Haloa release date in March 2022 for Halo Encyclopedia seems perfectly timed. The long wait for the publication of the bookInfinite The rollout will give fans plenty of time to explore the new title before diving into its behind-the-scenes details.

While the new encyclopedia has a firm due date, Microsoft has yet to share a specific Holiday 2021 launch date for the highly anticipated Infinite Halo. According to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, Halo Infinite the release window has already been reduced internally by a few weeks. The details should therefore not take long to arrive on the Web.

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Halo Encyclopedia is expected to launch next spring on March 22, 2022.

Source: Halo waypoint

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