Technical assistance and training available for Vermont composters

Vermont Business Magazine Registration is now open for the Vermont Composting Operator Certification Training. Barring unforeseen circumstances, this year we will return to an all-in-person training model. Organized by the 131° composting school and presented by the Natural Resources Agency (ANR) of VT, this workshop will provide participants with a composting operator certificate, which meets the ANR requirements for composting operators. small, medium and large composting facilities.

Current or future operators of compost sites will be certified to operate compost facilities handling food scraps or dead animals in Vermont.

This one-day workshop, held in Williston on November 3, focuses on operator skills in compost site management and regulatory compliance, and includes a dynamic combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. Instructors include James McSweeney, Dan Goossen and Ben Gauthier.

The course is limited to Vermont residents and site operators working in the state. Registration is $30 at

In addition to training, consulting services are offered to eligible food waste composters on an ongoing basis. For more information, email

The 131° school composting operator certificate is open for pre-registration and my book Community scale composting systemspublished by Chelsea Green, is now available in hardcover.

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