Sekou featured in Saint-Martin’s profile in the New Encyclopedia of the Americas

Saint-Martin author Lasana M. Sekou is featured in The Americas: An Encyclopedia of Culture and Society [2 Volumes], published last August by ABC-CLIO, says Jacqueline Sample, president of House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

According to ABC-CLIO, an American academic publisher, “Americas features the nations and territories that make up North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, including British, American, Dutch, and French territories.

For Saint-Martin, there are references to Arawak colonization, colonization by France and the Netherlands, and updated information on the adjusted autonomy of the two parts of the Caribbean island.

Philipsburg and Marigot are described with references to culture, geography, immigration, language, religion, nightlife, tourism, cuisine, St. Maarten Book Fair, The Daily Herald, St. Martin’s Week and other media, as well as additional information on both parts of the island.

Sékou is not only mentioned for his literary production. His founding of HNP, which according to the encyclopedia published “many early writings by authors” from the Caribbean, and his pro-St. Martin Independence’s stand is also cited, Sample said.

Edited by Kimberly J. Morse, the two-volume, 1,004-page encyclopedia… takes an in-depth look at contemporary topics such as religion, lifestyle and hobbies, cooking, gender roles, dress, festivals, music, visual arts and architecture, among many others, while providing contextual information on the history, politics and economics” of some 40 nations and territories covered, ABC said. CLIO.

The encyclopedia also “introduces readers to the cultures and customs of all the countries of the Americas, explaining what makes each country unique while demonstrating what binds cultures and peoples together,” ABC-CLIO said.

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