Royanne Mitchell is about to make her mark in the world of literature

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For anyone whose favorite musical genre is Gospel, chances are they’ve heard of Royanne Mitchell. From the age of 13, Mitchell, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, performed at many events. Today, Mitchell’s fans are scattered across the world.

Having achieved higher levels of academic achievements, multiple honors and awards, people might not expect a humble, down to earth, heartwarming person. Mitchell has been a trustee for over 16 years and a real estate agent for about seven years and takes pride in the people-centered work she does in addition to her love for ministry work. The latest jewel in his crown is his upcoming book titled “BREAKING THROUGH,” a heart-to-heart conversation about mental struggles. The book provides practical information on mental health and acknowledges the fact that people fail to take into account the mental struggles that individuals face with each passing day.

Everyone goes through bouts of anxiety on different occasions and at various levels and accepts it as normal human behavior. While some of this is natural, most of us casually ignore even cases of extreme anxiety, assuming it’s nothing to worry about. But, in this book, Mitchell addresses some key causes and effects of anxiety and provides advice on how one can cope and work your way to “BREAKING THROUGH”; all based on his own personal experience and overcoming.

Mitchell’s roots and love for God distinguish “BREAKING THROUGH” as a book that takes into account both his spiritual belief and proper professional protocols and lays out, in simple, logical terms, the causes and advice for dealing with anxiety. In connection with her audience, she gives her readers insight into the struggles with anxiety and how she continues to overcome and move through it all through faith in God and following his science.

“BREAKING THROUGH” really gives a new perspective to people who have been looking for ways to cope or release their anxiety. Mitchell talks at length about how anxiety is linked to fear and her belief that when people fully trust God, those fears can actually go away. She encourages readers to keep their faith strong and to trust in God’s plan as a way to overcome the discomfort they feel.

With such a setting, the book is surely destined to make waves, especially in the Christian community. Mitchell plants the seeds of acceptance of emotional struggles and how belief and faith in God can help individuals overcome them on a daily basis. By releasing the book this summer, Mitchell thinks people will surely know how to embrace ways to cope and help overcome anxiety not just through professional protocols, but through their faith in God.

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Royanne Mitchell is about to make her mark in the world of literature

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