Rosaiah – traveling encyclopedia on finances, trusted lieutenant of the CM

The opposition loved Rosaiah for his endearing simplicity, respected him for his vast knowledge of finance

Evocative yet fascinating, eloquent yet provocative, funny but moving and imposing but trustworthy – all these human qualities and emotions came together in one politician whom the Assembly of Andhra Pradesh has witnessed for more than four decades, just like dozens of politicians from different eras and ideologically. -opposed views.

witty lines

The opposition hated being targeted in the assembly because of his witty lines, but loved him for his endearing simplicity, respected him for his vast knowledge of finances and his elephantine memory of legislative rules and procedures. This is how the two Telugu states will long remember Konijeti Rosaiah.

Confidence was his strong point and it is no wonder that most chief ministers entrusted him with important portfolios like Finance and Home Affairs. He was always the first one the Treasury Banks used to seek help in the Assembly when the opposition was on fire. He sprayed them with statistics and political punches laden with wit and sarcasm, and shoved them onto their backs.

Regarded as a walking encyclopedia on state finances, he has always been the first choice as finance minister for most congressional MCs. The opportunity to present 15 budgets and seven budgets in a row does not come without a firm grip on money matters and leadership confidence.

To imitate

TPCC Chairman Revanth Reddy said he commands respect from the Treasury Banks as well as the opposition for his vast knowledge and is worth emulating by those taking small steps in politics . “I have personally benefited from his deep understanding of the issues,” he said in his tribute.

Senior leaders attribute his powerful debates to the Legislative Council in the 1980s, pushing the ruling party Telugu Desam (TDP) into a corner, ultimately forcing then-chief minister NT Rama Rao to abolish the Legislative Council. – even to escape his assault.

Dressed in a crisp khadi dhoti and shirt, he looked like a true Gandhian and followed the same principles throughout his political career. IT Minister KT Rama Rao recalled that even at the height of the Telangana turmoil, he had always assured them that Parliament’s decision on a separate state would be respected by him as a true supporter of the principles. democratic.

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