Q&A with Juli Valentine, Wedding Coordinator

Alexandria Living Magazine is delighted to present the Alexandria Wedding Showcase 2022coming April 10 at The Alexandrian hotel in old town Alexandria. The event kicks off with a bang, with a VIP brunch featuring none other than style expert Monte Durham of “Say Yes to the Dress – Atlanta” and MONTE Lounge in the old town of Alexandria.

We are talking to some of our suppliers, including Juli Valentine from Completely coordinated, to get the dish on all things weddings. Come to the storefront and meet Juli and other vendors to plan your perfect wedding day!

ALM: What wedding trends are you looking forward to seeing this wedding season?

Julia: What we’re most looking forward to is a return to bigger events – we loved the intimacy of 2020 and 2021 weddings, but can’t wait to see family and friends who may not have not to be seen in recent years getting together safely and enjoying each other’s company. That, and more flower guys! While flower girls and ring bearers are always adorable, seeing how seriously grown men take tossing flower petals always makes for a memorable opening to the ceremony.

ALM: Why is your business a great option for couples in Alexandria and elsewhere?

Julia: We provide planning services at coordinating prices! We understand how much it costs to live and get married in this area, so we certainly don’t want to increase our couples’ budgets. In fact, we like to help them find ways to save whenever possible. We are based in DC, but our team is spread throughout the DMV so we can provide referrals for all kinds of locations and vendors in and around Alexandria.

ALM: At what point in the wedding planning process should couples start working with you?

Julia: As soon as possible! The earlier we are involved in the process, the sooner we can mitigate any issues that may arise by reviewing contracts and creating a preliminary schedule. That said, we meet our couples wherever they are so that we can offer a more hands-on approach to anyone booking us for a year or more and can also catch up with couples who have booked all their other providers and just need us. to get them to the finish line.

Q: Do you have any tips for newly engaged couples?

Julia: Enjoy being engaged! Then, when you’re ready, start thinking about the style and location of the venue you’d like to get married in, because you don’t really have a wedding date until you have a venue. Call us when you’re ready to book the rest of your vendors (or even before if you’d like help finding a venue) so we can provide referrals!

Q: What’s the best wedding you’ve ever been to and what made it so great?

Julia: Is it too cliché to say mine? It was honestly the perfect day, filled with personal touches and that’s what inspired me to get into wedding planning. My goal is to ensure that each of our couples has as great a day as my husband and I. The best weddings we work on are those where couples fully trust us and the process we have in place to make their day go well. These couples and their bridal parties tend to be so much fun to work with because they know they can completely relax and enjoy the day!

ALM: How do you find inspiration and new ideas?

Julia: We’re always on the lookout for new inspiration and ideas on Instagram, as well as the creative and talented vendors we work with. And honestly, we always take notes when one of our couples comes up with something new and unique so we can offer it to future clients – imitation is the highest form of flattery, after all!

ALM: Why is Alexandria an ideal destination for weddings?

Julia: Alexandria has the perfect combination of history, charm and proximity with a variety of wedding weekend activities to keep your guests interested and entertained. There’s plenty to do in Alexandria itself, but you’re also close to DC, Northern Virginia wineries and more. Plus, it’s got something for everyone when it comes to locations – river views, city views, historic mansions, hotels, gardens, art galleries – so couples should have no trouble find the perfect place to get married.

ALM: What is the most unique work you have done for a wedding?

Julia: Each couple brings their own unique vision and personality to wedding planning and that’s what we love so much about it! No two weddings are the same and we love helping our couples showcase the big and small things that make their love sing. I will say that having to find a groom’s cake that suddenly disappeared (due to a well-meaning guest wanting to make sure he was safe) is there for the most unique challenges we’ve faced lately time !

ALM: How can couples prepare for an incredible experience working with you?

Julia: Couples must enter the fully coordinated experience with a willingness to follow the proven process we have in place to ensure they are successful, which includes filling out forms and answering numerous questions. We can only help you with the information we have received, so let us know everything you want to happen in your day and we will make it happen. We provide unlimited communication to all of our couples and when we say call, email or text us with any questions, concerns or pros and cons, we mean it! The value of this service is what you get out of it, so take advantage of it!

ALM: Where can potential customers find you?

Julia: Discover our websiteour instagram Where Facebookor our showcase on The knot.

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