Publication of four anthologies of short stories by author Ranjit Kulkarni

Summary: The set of four little books, a consolidated anthology of Ranjit Kulkarni’s work in the last year, is a perfect gift for all ardent readers and lovers of the author’s entertaining and enlightening writing.

Bangalore, Karnataka, February 5, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, A new set of four anthologies, ‘Immortal’, ‘People We Know’, ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Mind Game’ released in the past four months bring together some of author Ranjit Kulkarni’s most compelling and thought-provoking stories. . These books contain nearly fifty short stories covering a range of topics from eternal spirit to eternal love, and from character sketches to psychological thrillers.

Dedicating the books equally to his mother, family and readers, author Ranjit Kulkarni said: “The short story is really like a small bundle of concentrated emotions, a glimpse into a character’s life through a small event window. . What I’ve tried in these anthologies is to capture the layers of stories beneath the characters and events. That’s what inspired me to tell their story.

Readers who had read an advance copy had different reactions to the anthologies.

“Stirring in its depiction of our acute desires, Immortal and Other Stories is a brilliant collection that leaves the reader with pensive thoughts and delves deep into our psyche,” says Rain n Books, a book reviewer.

“How easily he weaves insanely deep stories, some insanely suspenseful, insanely unexpected stories of people who are part of our daily lives,” says another avid “People We Know” reader.

All four anthologies, priced from $8.99 to $9.99, are available in print on Kindle versions priced at $2.99 ​​each are also available on

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About the Author: Ranjit Kulkarni is an author of short stories, articles and novels. His work has appeared in numerous journals and magazines. More details of his work can be viewed at He lives in Bangalore, India.

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