PHOTOS: New ‘Enchanted’, ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘Pinocchio’ storybooks arrive at Disneyland Resort

Disney likes to immerse its audience in stories. Whether you’re watching a feature film, watching the latest Disney Channel shows, or visiting a Disney Park, the creators of Disney want you to feel like you’re in history. Creating these story diaries is another way we get involved with the stories we love. You can now find Robin Hood, Pinocchioand Delighted Storybooks at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District.

It’s time to pack your things and head to Disneyland for a closer look.

Robin Hood Storybook Replica Journal – $24.99

Do you remember this adorable animated film from the 1970s featuring Robin Hood and his merry companions? Well, now Disney is offering a storybook replica journal to commemorate the movie.


The eye-catching cover features a beautiful yet intricate design, but with recognizable Robin Hood lettering.


The hunter green cover, tasseled bookmark, and gold leaf pages give the book such an elegant design.


Here is the title page.


The text describes the connection between the storybook and the original film. Disney wants you to remember the storybook that appeared there and imagine you’re holding a piece of movie history.


This work is reminiscent of the real storybook of the film.


The table of contents covers the main events occurring in the film.


Of course, the actual story does not appear in the pages of this book. As it is a journal, you are responsible for filling it with your thoughts, ideas, or stories. Along the way, you will have the character of Robin Hood share the journey with you.

Pinocchio’s Storybook Replica Journal – $29.99


Next, we move on to a lovely storytelling replica journal paying homage to our favorite living puppet.


The dark red cover with golden letters and the depiction of Pinocchio gives the book a great look. This font looks amazing.


These book locks really add class to the book. Don’t worry, there are no keys.

In addition, we find pages of goal sheets that take us back to when this practice was common. Although used occasionally today, gold leaf pages appeared much more frequently in the late Middle Ages… around the time that Pinocchio would have lived.


We find a similar connection with the “storybook” scenes we found with Robin Hood. Movies certainly come to life when you keep this diary.


Inside, we find all the characters we love Pinocchio. Geppetto, Figaro, Cleo and Jiminy Cricket show up.


Of course, the main character also takes center stage. This time he has ropes to hold him down.


Don’t forget the conscience of Pinocchio, that every useful cricket!


Enchanted Tales Replica Journal – $29.99


We did not expect a Delighted newspaper. Merchandise from this film rarely appears in Disney parks.


This design enchanted us, with the film’s iconic bird, flowers and stylish decor. It almost looks regal.


As the Robin Hood Variety, this storybook replica features a tassel bookmark and gold leaf pages.


Unlike the others, the illustration inside the cover featured a scene from the animated portion of the film.


The interior reveals the storybook connection to the film’s opening scene.


Here you can write down your own thoughts and feelings with Giselle to guide you.

We discovered these books at Word of Disney in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort. For those of you who can’t make it to this location, shopDisney is offering the Robin Hood Storybook Replica and the Enchanted Storybook Replica Journal for the prices indicated. Unfortunately, the Pinocchio Storybook Replica Journal does not appear on shopDisney.

What do you think of these diary beauties? Let us know in the comments below.

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