Phoenix Group unveils its new visual identity

The brand refresh supports the Phoenix Group’s strategy to develop its corporate brand as a purpose-driven company “to help people secure a life full of possibility”

Phoenix Group, the UK’s largest long-term savings and pensions business, unveils a modern new visual identity for its corporate brand which will provide the foundation to further strengthen the brand’s engagement with key public.

The introduction of a new visual identity represents an important step in Phoenix Group’s evolution from a traditional closed-book consolidator to a purpose-driven company with growing consumer brands. The new visual identity seeks to reflect the Phoenix Group’s purpose – “to help people secure lives full of possibility” – and the modern organization it is today.

Andy Briggs, CEO of the Phoenix Group, comments: “The launch of Phoenix Group’s new visual identity is an important step in our journey and growth story, and reflects the evolution we are undergoing as a purpose-driven company. We want to help everyone ‘secure a life of possibility’ – that’s our goal – and I believe it’s a goal that has never been more important. With an aging population and people living longer, a savings shortfall for many, and the need to act sustainably, we seek to make a difference in the things that matter most in the lives of millions of people. For us, that means providing the right advice and the right products at the right time, and helping to truly engage people in their financial future. It also means making responsible and sustainable investment decisions and using our scale and expertise to drive change for the better, on behalf of the 13 million customers we have across all of our brands. The introduction of our new visual identity supports our strategy and will allow us to strengthen our presence as a leading organization.

As part of its brand strategy, Phoenix Group is also introducing an endorsement approach that will show a visible connection between its consumer brands. It will highlight the strength of the Phoenix Group as a purpose-driven company, while clarifying that its consumer brands, which include Standard Life and SunLife, are “part of the Phoenix Group.” The endorsement approach will enhance the collective strength of the Phoenix Group as a whole, while helping its client brands thrive and grow. Each brand within the Phoenix group continues to play an important role in achieving the group’s growth objective and strategy.

As a leading employer, the launch also supports the company’s focus on building a strong and engaging employer brand that encourages the diversity of thought and experience needed to foster a positive culture and create products and services that deliver great results for customers.

Phoenix Group’s new visual identity and brand strategy will be effectively implemented over the next few months.

Ben Rhodes, Brand Director, Phoenix Group, comments: “The introduction of our new visual identity and brand endorsement represents a clear commitment to engage more deeply with our growing audience, and an indication of the collective power of our suite of well-known brands, to help people to achieve a better financial future. The changes we have made reflect our focus and optimism for the future of our 13 million customers and as we grow our organization, while remaining true to our strengths of stability and trust. The combined scale and strength of Phoenix Group provides a platform for our customer-focused brands to thrive and grow, which we reflect in the clearer endorsement of our brand suite.

About Phoenix Group’s new visual identity


The design work for Phoenix’s new visual identity was carried out by Moving Brands. Changes to branding, color, typography, graphics, art direction, sound, and motion were made after extensive research.

The feather icon and the wordmark are the cornerstones of the new visual identity. Both are designed to convey optimism and progression, to reflect Phoenix’s goal of “helping people secure lives of opportunity” while maintaining stability and confidence. It comes even more alive with the use of a new sound identity and motion graphics in some of the digital applications of the new visual identity. New photographs are also introduced to express “a lifetime of possibilities”, showing people captured in the moment in real life, to engage with clients and colleagues.

Brand architecture

Phoenix Group is also introducing a master brand endorsement strategy for group brands, making it clear that each is part of Phoenix Group, showing the power of the brands individually and as the sum of the whole. The approach will be deployed across the entire portfolio during the year. Each brand within the Phoenix Group plays an important role in executing the Group’s growth strategy and together their combined strengths will realize Phoenix’s goal of “Helping people secure lives full of possibilities”.

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