Online Player Encyclopedia – Players, Profiles & Photos (with video!)

If you’re familiar with the Gamer Encyclopedia that comes with Mega Database, you might be expecting something similar: a large archive whose main visible benefit is adding gamer pictures to games.

This is not a trivial aspect, as it adds to the user experience, but the online web application now included with ChessBase Account is much deeper than that.

On the main ChessBase account page, you will find the link to the web application:

After clicking it, you are greeted by a colorful list of the top 100 players:

This list of players is just the tip of the iceberg of what the service has to offer. If you were to click on one of the players, say Magnus Carlsen, it would open up a very comprehensive profile:

Here you’ll not only see his rating throughout his career, but a breakdown of his game with the openings on both sides of the board.

However, while this certainly provides some very interesting data, you are not limited to researching the global elite. You can also use it to search for any player you want. Using the search function at the top, you can select anyone from the vast database of over 500,000 entries:

For example, you can register a player such as Brazilian FM Ricardo Teixeira.

Here, too, you’ll have all the options you saw with Magnus, but without the stratospheric numbers. Suppose you want to set up against him and decide to see his games play the Sicilian Alapin, clearly one of his favorite openings.

You just have to click on the link:

It opens to a full-screen replay, which is very reminiscent of ChessBase 16, and has a game list, opening stats, scoring and more at your fingertips (or mouse cursor).

Suppose you want to start an engine right away. At the bottom left, just below the table, click the engine button.

Likewise, you can save the games to your computer to study them in the software of your choice.

This not only saves the games to a PGN file, but copies the entire roster to the clipboard so you can paste into any text editor. All you have to do is open a program like Notepad and press Ctrl-V to paste the content.

You can also open the PGN file, saved in your Downloads folder, with ChessBase 16:

and that’s how the core functionality of the Gamer Encyclopedia works. You can also check out the different lists such as top female players, top boys and top girls. The options are legion so feel free to explore them and adapt them to your needs.


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