No time to wait: Jake Fraczek clings to honesty

Author Jake Fraczek wrote his second book, “Waiting Room,” while caring for his father. (Courtesy of Anderson PR)

Jake Fraczek has never been one to turn away from how he feels.

In fact, honesty is his superpower.

This is why Fraczek is able to connect with an audience through his various mediums – music, podcast and books.

Fraczek’s most recent book is titled “Waiting Room” and is full of raw emotion and healing.

“I wrote it last year and it’s autobiographical,” he says. “My father, he fell ill and I went to take care of him. It was so intense and crazy. Life planned the book.

Fraczek is no stranger to the streets of Albuquerque, as he often visits his friends who live here.

“Knockouts is fun,” he laughs. “I’m going to go to Frontier and eat. Santa Fe is pretty. I will have a lot of inspiration to write. I have my own intentions when I write. Like all art, people get what they want out of it.

Jake Fraczek is the author of “Waiting Room”. (Courtesy of Anderson PR)

When Fraczek writes, it’s based on heartache and ego.

“Waiting Room” is about the loss of her father.

He decided to write the book as an Irish funeral approached, laughing through the tough times with celebration and comfortable in his vulnerability. He deliberately puts in dark comedic elements to blend with his unique perspective and rare life experiences to create vivid stories of gallantry, shame and debauchery that are at times startlingly relatable and at others, humorously extravagant.

“My first book took me five years to write,” he admits. “’Waiting Room’ was like a confession. It was exhausting to do the writing. I don’t give my opinion on anything, I write about things that happen.

To write, Fraczek must be comfortable with himself as he delves deep into his feelings.

“The book talks about my insecurities,” he says. “It takes a long time to look those insecurities in the eye and be able to expose them to the world through stories. It’s part of my madness.

Fraczek was born in Massachusetts but grew up on the island of Nevis and St. Kitts in the West Indies, where his father owned a nightclub/concert hall with a bar.

As a teenager, he returned to Boston for school and spent time growing up there.

An artist, he grew up painting, drawing and skateboarding. He is now the host of his “Damaged Goods” podcast and the former co-host of the “Reigning Real” show on Dash Radio.

He traveled the world working in music – often surfing, cooking or writing.

Fraczek knows that writing saves lives and stays ahead of the curve.

“I start writing on my phone when I’m not near a computer,” he says. “Putting it down on paper makes me feel less crazy in my head. It feels good to get rid of a lot of that. That’s why I stick to writing.

As he strives to be honest in his writing, he has sometimes had to back off a chapter or two.

“Out of respect, some things can be incriminating,” he says. “I spoke with my family about certain things. Some stories are not meant for the world to hear. Other than that, I’m an open book and write from what I know.

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