New Wall Street Journal Bestseller Highlights How Human Error Crushes Brand Value and How to Fix It

People-to-people soft skills are also used to right wrongs. Founder of Vishal Garg was blasted after a Zoom call recording surfaced on social media where he informed 900 workers that they were “part of the unlucky bunch who are being laid off” – with immediate effect. The feedback was instantaneous, negative and far-reaching.

When announced another round of layoffs, interim president Kevin Ryan, trained in people-to-people selling techniques, told employees they would be contacted directly by the company’s management team. Admirable, if not in the best of circumstances, and a great example of using the human selling factor.

Tyson Group is an industry leader in sales training and development with clients spanning the worlds of professional sports, agriculture, finance and hospitality. The company has seen a boom in business over the past two years as companies have invested in people skills and sales training for employees with award-winning methodologies recognized by Selling Power and others.

“The process that Lance shares in this book has been the driving force behind more than $5 billion in acquisitions for new NFL stadium projects on which we have partnered in dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angelesand Vegas,” said Mike OndrejkoPresident of Legends Worldwide Sales.

charlie fuscofounder of TGC in the world who represents Tyson says, “Lance doesn’t teach people how to sell more widgets. He connects emotional intelligence with building honest conversations that lead to win-win scenarios.”

Tyson is available for interviews. Contact Audrey Donegan: [email protected]

The Human Selling Factor: The Human-to-Human Equation to Connect, Persuade, and Close the Deal

  • Editor‏: ‎ Morgan James Editions
  • Publication date: ‎ February 8, 2022
  • ISBN: 978-1631957918
  • Price: $24.95

On Lance Tyson
In 2010, Lance founded what is now Tyson Group to assess sales teams, diagnose their needs, and equip them to become better salespeople and leaders. Tyson Group conducts, trains and conducts more than 100 workshops per year in areas such as performance management, leadership, sales, sales management, customer service and team building.

Lance currently lives in Dublin, Ohio with his wife and two children.

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