Mario Party Superstars Encyclopedia is Perfect Mario Nostalgia

The Mario Party Superstars Encyclopedia is packed with fun information and lore around classic Mario characters and games fans already know and love.

Mario Party Superstars may not be a game for everyone, but even Mario fans who feel less inclined to play the latest game of the Mario The spin-off franchise could be taken with one surprising feature of the game: a vast encyclopedia steeped in the history of the series. It’s a deceptively simple feature, but it packs all kinds of interesting and colorful information about the franchise and its many characters, adding tremendous value to the whole.

the Mario Party Superstars The encyclopedia can be found in the main menu of the data house. Here, players will be greeted by Kamek and can read the encyclopedia at their leisure. Most of the book’s entries can be unlocked by purchasing the pages from Toad’s Store. This will require big coin wins in Mario Party Superstars to unlock each page, as each is worth up to 100 coins at the store. To unlock the board info pages, the game requires playing that particular board and then purchasing the page from the Toad store.


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Mario Party Superstars is the 25th game of Mario party series, including arcade versions and other installments. The game offers 100 mini-games from previous series, as well as 5 Nintendo 64 games boards, which already belies its interest in the history of the franchise, but the Mario Party Superstars the encyclopedia is a column that stands on its own. Filled with nostalgia and the past of the Mario party franchise, three tabs of character information, games and tips make up this blast from the past.

Mario Party Superstars Encyclopedia Has Extended Character Section

Mario Party Superstars No Unlockable Character Cards

In the “character” tab, all the characters who have already made an appearance in any Mario party Game. Each character can be found with a description and a game art cover that the character has played in. Each character entry gives a good explanation and includes a familiar trait and sound effect. For example, Luigi’s description reads: “Mario’s big brother, known for his high jumps and fear of ghosts.“This trait is perfect, referring to Luigi’s past in the previous ones. Luigi’s mansion Games. The other characters included are Wario, who spends too much time with Waluigi, and even all the villains like Shy Guy, Goomba, and the Piranha Plant who is now in. Ultimate smash make an appearance.

Mario Lore abounds in the Games and Tricks sections of the Mario Party Superstars encyclopedia

Mario Party Superstars Item Shop

Next to the “character” tab is the Mario Party Superstars the “games” tab of the encyclopedia. Here is where a list of all Mario party games can be found, along with an explanation of each game’s history. Each page is full of classic photos with memorable mini-games like Tug o ‘War and its infamous warning label.

But it is in the “advice” section that the tradition is deepened. Each page delves deep into the knowledge hidden on each painting. Under the Tropical Island of Yoshi page, the ship crashed on the map would have carried fruit. Is this how Yoshi’s Island was born? In Space Land, the encyclopedia says there is a UFO that appears to have crashed, but also raises questions about where the aliens have been. In Horror Land, the encyclopedia draws our attention to the mysterious racketeering that comes from the mansion every night, implying that there is some sort of party going on. During the day, Kamek answers the mansion door by asking the player to light the “Lamp of Darkness” for ten coins. This turns the picture to night, as the party in the mansion continues. Although these are only speculative thoughts and information on each Mario Party Superstars board, this goes a long way in making the content of the game robust and comprehensive.

The addition of the encyclopedia was a great addition and a fun way to go over all of the Mario party characters, games and story backgrounds. The game takes a lot of playtime to unlock all the pages of the encyclopedia, but it is well worth reading this gem in the history of the series.

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