Library: Ammunition Encyclopedia 7th Edition

The latest edition of Ammunition Encyclopedia – A Shooter’s and Collector’s Guide to Centerfire, Rimfire, and Cartridge Shotgun Shells is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book available for current and obsolete cartridges and cartridges, and has been completely revised and reorganized for better cartridge finding.

With nearly 1,000 individual cartridge profiles, each includes images, dimensions, ballistics data, and historical information. Current and obsolete cartridges are found in four different categories, making them easier to locate.

The book is packed with ammunition history, development, recommendations and formulas, giving the hunter or ammunition collector endless resources to research and select the correct ammunition for their needs.

The 928 pages 7e The edition has been fully updated and includes the following:
• More than 150 new and obsolete cartridges have been added;
• All new format for cartridge profiles makes them easier to find and each includes images, dimensions, ballistics and historical information;
• The expanded color section shows the actual size of all current centerfire, rimfire and cartridge cartridges in color;
• Updated ballistic tables and expanded cartridge type profiles provide the reader with muzzle velocity, dimensions and now include page numbers of the corresponding cartridge profile pages;
• Extensive Trademark Index lists contact information for all current ammunition manufacturers;
• Completely revised cartridge index lists the names of each cartridge in alphanumeric order (sorted by English and metric cartridges);
• Multiple chapters and various articles on history, manufacturing, recommendations, safety and more provide useful information for the newest ammunition enthusiast to the renowned collector;
• Bonus color section of the Basic and precision metal centerfire reloading procedure written by Robert Knight. This detailed step-by-step guide provides everything the beginner needs to start reloading ammo today.

If you are a hunter, shooter, or even an ammo collector, the 7e Editing Ammunition Encyclopedia – A Shooter’s and Collector’s Guide to Centerfire, Rimfire, and Cartridge Shotgun Shells ($49.95) will provide you with the most up-to-date information, facts, and ballistic maps, ensuring you make the right ammunition choices for your particular needs.

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