Launch of the socio-cultural encyclopedia of Nigerian society

I’ll make sure this review has nothing to do with the rant while it lasts, so it doesn’t spoil any of our happy mood.

Of course, it’s no longer news in the system that humanity’s greatest desire is to remain a happy creature. In other words, we all dream, thrive and above all struggle to embrace happiness.

If yours is exceptional, let us know. And if so, then I would tell you unequivocally that this person is not human. Even the animals in the thick forest pray to be delighted with their respective daily prosperity.

While browsing a certain social media, Twitter specifically, in the past, I came across a brief statement allegedly made by one of America’s drone warriors, Mick Krever. He said, “America wants an antiseptic war… The reality is that nothing is clean.”

Having received the tweeted message, I smiled shyly. Please don’t act like someone who has been flooded by the overflowing lake. In other words, don’t let your sense of reasoning get overwhelmed by this paragraph, even though you might be surprised. So, see it as a simple digression. In the meantime, let’s drive!

Today we are discussing the need to launch the socio-cultural encyclopedia of Nigerian society. Let’s take it bit by bit until we get to the full or exact meaning of the subject because I can’t afford to see you lost.

According to the BBC English Dictionary, an encyclopedia “is a book or set of books in which many facts are arranged for reference, usually in alphabetical order. Although based on the context of this edition, an encyclopedia is something that is very complete, complete and thorough in the degree of knowledge or information it has.

On that note, part of the topic “…socio-cultural encyclopedia of Nigerian society” means, the comprehensive and in-depth socio-cultural endowments or know-how of Nigerian society.

The Complete Nigerian Socio-Cultural Endowments can also be termed as a book. Then, if this case or opinion is valid, in other words, we discuss the “book” which contains the complete knowledge of the socio-cultural system of Nigeria.

Although the aforementioned book may seem “invisible” because it is still in the works, but I tell you, we are really talking about a complete book.

On the other hand, a launch is an activity in which a new product or a newly completed project is made available to the general public. Apparently, this edition informs us of the need to launch this book, so that the general public and the world in general feel its impact.

Universally, Nigeria is richly endowed with enormous cultural heritage. But it’s so pathetic that most of these endowments have been widely abused.

To be precise and concise, Nigeria as an independent country is made up of more than two hundred and fifty (250) ethnic groups, and each of these groups is extremely endowed with diverse socio-cultural heritage. It simply means that if properly added up or estimated, one would find that Nigeria is replete with many thousands of cultures.

This cultural heritage includes dancing, masquerading, dressing, hunting, wrestling, and sculpture casting, to name a few.

Frankly, it is time we tapped into the described heritage as I strongly believe that it would contribute immensely to the internally generated income (IGR) of the nation.

Therefore, I urge the relevant authorities to see it as a potential source of potential revenue. Above all, I am also of the view that if properly handled, it would help to foster tremendous unity among many Nigerians both at home and abroad.

Just like when a book is compiled, whether by a single author or a group of authors, it would be carefully edited by an experienced editor before being published.

During the editing process, unwanted tenses or words are bound to be eliminated while the more useful ones would be left to stay or better yet, improved.

Thus, in the case of the edition of this socio-cultural encyclopedia, the editors required are men, trained in both anthropological and historical skills because we do not need them which would create a stigma of incompetence.

They would be expected to look within and see those cultures that are not helpful or relevant to our God-gifted society, thus weeding them out; then, find out how those who are useful should also be promoted.

All hands are needed to be on deck to see this fantastic dream come true, as this planned launch is long overdue. Thus, we must embark on this activity immediately.

Relevant government authorities, captains of industry, non-governmental organizations and well-meaning individuals must work collectively and individually to ensure that this sector which would intensely boost our tourism industry is fully considered and valued. More importantly, lawmakers are expected to enact relevant laws that would positively affect this proposed crusade.

Without mincing our words, we put a damper on this “book” which should have been launched a long time ago. But better late than never because we still have time and resources to restore normality. The book must not continue to be kept in isolation. So, let’s launch it!

Honestly, if we embarked on this campaign, I bet you that in no time, Nigeria would be one of the countries to be reckoned with in terms of tourism. He is only a day child who does not yet know that the tourism industry, if exploited well, remains one of the greatest sources of income for any country.

There is an urgent need for diversification. We must not continue to rely on the oil and gas industry. Who knows, one day this so-called oil might disappear.

Notice, we don’t need a war, even an antiseptic one, for this project to be accomplished, if we really want to end up embracing the happiness or the moment of euphoria, which remains the greatest desire of humanity.

In a nutshell, a holistic approach rather than hostility is needed. Think about it!

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