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Quitting a “cushy” job and tackling health challenges – a longtime Langley couple and YouTubers have made a 180-degree turn to teach mindfulness and spread positivity in the community.

Walnut Grove’s Janelle and Brad Carss spent 15 months brainstorming and writing their recently published journal, “Bravebud: Bite-Sized Actions for Super Bada** Results.”

In their first book, the former business leaders explore the self-help genre by illustrating their personal life experiences in comic book style.

“It offers 65 guided exercises, assessments, quizzes and opportunities to unleash your fury – you’ve dropped a glitter bomb all over the page. It’s a brief escape from the monotony of everything in this world for help you really focus on yourself and be aware of what’s going on in your own world,” explained Brad, a former human resources consultant and executive coach.

Brad wrote the book with his wife, Janelle, who had quit her job at a growing Vancouver-based natural wellness company to pursue an acting career.

“You may have seen her at some point hiding in the background of locally filmed shows like Riverdale and Virgin River or onstage at the Langley Little Theater or the White Rock Player’s Club theatre,” Brad said, a proud husband.

In October 2020, shortly after Janelle’s big career changes, Brad started having serious health issues. The problems in his eyes, which he had first encountered as a child, had started to return.

He lost a considerable amount of vision over the course of a few days due to inflammatory retinal disease.

“I certainly didn’t expect this because it’s been 23 years since my last surgery,” Brad said.

Things had changed drastically in Brad and Janelle’s life.

While Janelle pursued her acting career, Brad stayed home and the COVID lockdown made things worse for him.

The dedication to keeping spirits up got him thinking about writing a book. He was quick to share it with Janelle, and she was there to support him.

The duo decided to write and design a book, which would be full of colorful pictures, outlining exercises and strategies to keep the mind active.

“All without any artistic skill and barely able to draw a stick figure,” laughed Brad.

He sat down and dove deep into his past, reminiscing about when he worked as a newspaper boy for Langley Advance Times. At age eight, he started his paper journey in his local Walnut Grove neighborhood with his brother.

Later, Brad traveled across Canada, the United States and Mexico, working as a human resources professional.

“I knew that with my passion and experience creating webinars, week-long seminars, and learning materials for thousands of people, I could take all the tools I learned and put them in a single book in a much funnier way than I learned them.”

With Janelle’s “bold” comedic experience, he was able to set a hilarious tone for millennials and Gen Z’ers.

They added superhero characters to the story.

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“Just like those movies, every person (or superhero) is knocked down and has painful moments in life. We choose how those moments shape us. I hope no matter what dumpster fire someone one is going through right now, maybe by picking up this journal, he will at least bring some laughter and inspiration into his life to keep fighting, keep creating, and let your story be the next source of inspiration. inspiration for this world.

Brad is occasionally featured on his wife’s YouTube channel, “Steamy Vegan Kitchen,” where she talks about healthy vegan and gluten-free recipes.

The couple are working on three more books, which they hope to publish later this year. In addition to the book, they also launched a line of clothing and merchandise.

“Bravebud: Bite-Sized Actions for Super Bada** Results” is available at the Indigo Langley store and on Amazon. For more information, people can visit


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