Kirby gets huge character encyclopedia in Japan


This all-new Kirby encyclopedia features over 1,000 characters from the series and is a must-have book for fans and collectors.

Kirby fans are getting treatment after treatment this year in terms of all-new content. In honor of the 30th anniversary of Kirby’s Dream Land, Kadokawa Corporation is releasing a massive encyclopedia that documents many of the characters that have appeared throughout the series.

Kirby Character Encyclopedia of the Stars is a book that will feature over 1,000 Kirby characters across 35 games. This encyclopedia will list the titles each character has appeared in and give a description of who they are. The main characters will receive many illustrations and additional information about them.

Clearly, this encyclopedia is a must-have for collectors and for all Kirby superfans.

Kirby Character Encyclopedia of the Stars will be released in Japan later this year on September 28 at bookstores nationwide as well as online for 1,500 yen.

International fans can also enjoy this must-have collector’s item; you can currently pre-order the encyclopedia from sites like Playasia for $18.99, but keep in mind that the book is entirely in Japanese, so if you can’t read the language, you’ll only get to enjoy the pictures.

In case you missed it, Kirby fans will want to know that a brand new game called Kirby’s Dream Buffet was also just announced for the Switch and will be released later this summer. It’s all part of the franchise’s 30th anniversary celebration.

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