Kingwood Center Gardens upgrades Peacock Playhouse, Storybook Trail

New upgrades unveiled at two Kingwood attractions

Following temporary closures for improvement projects, Kingwood Center Gardens is celebrating the reopening of the Peacock Playhouse and the Storybook Trail.

The Peacock Playhouse has recently been refreshed and modernized. The intentional redesign and expansion of educational opportunities will enhance children’s experiences. After a thorough cleaning and reset, new hands-on learning stations and an improved reading corner have been added, along with infrastructure and equipment to expand educational programs. Most zones engage and stimulate students, but a low stimulation zone has also been created to provide an inclusive space for children who prefer quiet spaces.

The colorful and inviting outdoor space has added interactive features, raised garden beds, an instruction area, and additional seating that includes an ADA picnic table. This outdoor space provides a space for creative play and is the gateway to the Storybook Trail.

The Storybook Trail has a new Porous Pave trail that replaced the gravel trail. Porous Pave is a water permeable product that is ADA compliant, non-slip, non-toxic, environmentally safe and erosion control. The new surface is easily navigable by wheelchairs and strollers.

City of Shelby Health Department Achieves National Accreditation

The Shelby City Health Department (SCHD) has achieved national accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).

The City of Shelby Health Department has undergone a rigorous, multi-faceted peer review process to ensure it meets or exceeds public health quality standards and measures. SCHD staff and an external consultant have worked diligently on this process for the past six years.

According to the PHAB, nationally accredited health services demonstrate a consistent and ongoing commitment to strengthening their community partnerships, which enables them to better serve their communities. Accreditation assures the community that the health service meets national performance and quality standards.

Part of Possum Run Road reopens

Possum Run Road, between Washington South Road and Hathaway Road in Washington Township, is open. The road was closed July 25 for a bridge replacement project.

Upcoming meeting:

● Madison Local Board of Education, 6 p.m., Wednesday, Madison Middle School auditoria, 1419 Grace St., Mansfield

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