Kickstarter is uploaded for an encyclopedia created by fans of each Final Fantasy game

Square Enix Final fantasy The franchise is one of the best-known and popular JRPG series in video game history. Over the course of several decades, it has grown into a booming franchise, spawning several sequels, remakes, spin-offs, adaptations, and even a few MMOs. Many of these games would also become beloved entries in one form or another, whether because of their story, combat mechanics, or music. Final fantasy even won a Guinness World Record for being one of the most prolific RPG series, thanks to its impressive milestones and the many games released over the years.


Of course, with so many games and associated media, it can be quite difficult to figure it all out, and there are a lot of entries that have become more obscure over time. This includes Final fantasy games that have never been located, which may contain hidden gems. As such, a group of fans known as the Final Fantasy Union are trying to create a comprehensive reference guide for fans, historians, and enthusiasts to better understand the franchise.

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This guide is known as The legacy of crystal, and will cover all entries published so far. There will be 127 games represented, from the very first game released in 1987, until the next one. Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. The book will be divided into four sections, covering numbered titles, derivative titles, sequels / prequels, and then remakes. These will include stories about how each game was developed, covering the design philosophies and themes conveyed in each entry.

Apart from that, however, the book will also cover a larger narrative that details how Final fantasy became the franchise it is today. This includes how he saved Square after his first hit and how the publisher used the franchise to recover from financial ruin. The book is estimated at around 200-250 pages, with an approximate word count of 60,000. There will be a digital PDF, softcover and hardcover options available as rewards for contributors.

As the group itself noted, the kickstarter campaign was only launched very recently, and yet this Final fantasy book has already exceeded its crowdfunding targets. He started with a goal of 8,500 pounds (roughly $ 11.5K) and has already been surpassed with a current total of around $ 45K from over 400 backers, over 400% of his goal. This shows how much fans really love the Final fantasy franchise, which continues to have a lasting legacy.

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