KICA celebrates its 10th anniversary | Review of business law in Asia

Digital book published by KICA

Jhe Korean In-house Counsel Association (KICA) celebrated its 10th anniversary on November 2 and, to commemorate the milestone, released an e-book providing insight into the growth of in-house counsel in the country.

The celebration took place online to prevent the spread of covid-19. “The last decade is a time when in-house lawyers, which were relatively unknown jobs in Korea, have become businesses and legal circles in earnest,” said KICA Chairman Lee Wan-keun. Review of business law in Asia.

“When KICA was established, the number of lawyers working for companies and public institutions was estimated to be only in the hundreds, and it has reached 20% of the lawyers registered with the Korean Bar Association, and continues to grow rapidly.” Lee said the fields and roles of lawyers in companies have also continued to expand. In the meantime, in-house lawyers have firmly established themselves as an important business partner within companies and as one of the major positions in the legal profession.

“In this process, KICA has worked hard to share various experiences and ideas as an in-house legal expert, and tried to present an accurate model of in-house lawyers who contribute to society beyond the company and the legal circles,” Lee said.

“Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the various sponsoring companies and cooperative organizations who have always supported KICA with affection and extended congratulations to our association despite their busy schedules.

The digital book, titled The 10th Anniversary Celebration Book, explains the history of KICA and its activities to support the development of the works council, as well as remarks from past presidents.

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