Kay Fizz, Gadget Whiz: A Stigma-Defying Children’s Book

Samuela E. Lubin has always dreamed of becoming an engineer since childhood. She vowed to achieve this goal. However, not everyone was a fan of his aspirations. Some have discouraged her from turning this vision into reality, saying that engineering is NOT for girls.

None of these people knew Samuela’s will; they weren’t going to stop him. Samuela held her head high and persevered through the negativity and doubt that surrounded her and her dreams. She graduated from Florida International University and earned a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. It was just the beginning; Samuela went further and pursued a master’s degree in engineering management.

Throughout her life, Samuela has always been against the norm. These experiences inspired her to write a children’s book titled, Kay Fizz, gadget genius!an entry into theKay Fizz Adventure series. It follows Kay Fizz, a young girl ready to make the most of her summer vacation with her friend, Sam, and her dog, Snow. They engage in different fun activities and explore how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) affects their daily lives. Each book is designed to encourage the minds of young girls to continue learning, questioning and understanding the world around them.

My books focus on the representation of women in interests and jobs that people may not consider specifically suited to women.“Samuela said.”There aren’t many books that show little girls some sort of representation of themselves in male-dominated fields like engineering..”

It’s not just a stigma that Samuela feels. According to a 2019 survey by research group Engine, only 9% of girls aged 13-17 are interested in STEM careers. This is even less than the 11% of a similar survey conducted a year earlier.

Jack Kosakowski, President and CEO of Junior Advancement USA, said, “One element that may need more emphasis is ensuring that STEM professionals serve as role models and work with girls in educational settings in these initiatives..”

That’s exactly what Samuela E. Lubin wants to achieve with her Kay Fizz book series; she wants to end the stigma that STEM fields are for men only.I want to inspire more little girls to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams of pursuing a career in STEM fields“Samuela said.”Girls can do anything and be whoever they want to be, and I think Kay Fizz can guide them through that journey..”

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