Jason Atherton’s The Blind Pig will launch a storytelling menu

Jason Atherton’s Soho cocktail bar, The Blind Pig, will launch the next chapter of its storybook menu, inspired by classic children’s literature.

Illustration of Little Red Riding Hood by Eleni Sofroniou.

The menu will take guests on a nostalgia-laden journey through the shelves of their youth with a series of playful cocktails that take inspiration from fairy tales, nursery rhymes and picture books, featuring the works of Roald Dahl, CS Lewis and Julia Donaldson represented. The leather-bound menu has a dedicated page for each drink, with watercolor illustrations by Eleni Sofroniou that draw inspiration from the source of each of the dozens of offerings.

Atherton said: “I am very happy to bring back the next chapter in The Blind Pig’s Long & Short British Tails series. Inspired by my favorite childhood stories, the team at The Blind Pig have concocted a selection of 12 creative cocktails that bring them to life and give customers the opportunity to explore new ingredients and techniques, but with a sense of wonder. childishness that The Blind Pig so cleverly evokes with these menus”.

Among the cocktails is The Fizz Lift, a mix of Cazcabel Reposado with dill, cranberry sorbet, Fair kumquat and lemon liqueur, topped with Moet Chandon, as a chocolate-free ode to Willy Wonka. Cracking The Egg is inspired by Humpty Dumpty with a giant chocolate egg as topping and a sweet blend of pumpkin and sage puree, red chili maple syrup and muscovado sugar.

For those craving something a little stronger, Poisoned Apple thankfully doesn’t live up to its name, blending Blend Rittenhouse Tawny Port, Vermouth Royal Blended cherry and apple essence smoke, and an absinthe-soaked cherry apple set on fire at the bar .

The full list is as follows:

Gruffalo tea (Inspired by The Gruffalo)

Sparkling lift (Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

poison apple (Inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

The lost glass slipper (Inspired by Cinderella)

Straw / Wood / Brick (Inspired by The Three Little Pigs)

Where is Spot? (Inspired by Where’s Spot by Eric Hill)

Gingerbread Crush (Inspired by Hansel and Gretel)

Break the egg (Inspired by Humpty Dumpty)

Grandma’s Surprise (Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood)

Two peas in a pod (Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk)

glass-eyed beer (Inspired by Twits)

Beyond the cabinet (Inspired by The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)

This article originally appeared on Wine List Confidential and was shared with permission.

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