I, AI: eleven science fiction stories for the transhuman era

Among the flood of titles aimed at science fiction enthusiasts, a few stand out for their original stories, compelling characters and powerful themes. One of them is me, IA, a recently published collection of short science fiction stories by Andre K. George. me, IA is a compelling read that explores a future where humans and artificial intelligence (AI) are compelled to interact in all walks of life. They help each other like friends, conduct high-stakes investigations like partners, and fight for power like enemies.

With a five-star rating on Amazon, this book has been acclaimed by many critics for its engaging and thought-provoking content. The second story in the collection, “The Ultimate Test,” received Honorable Mention in the prestigious Writers of the Future competition by L. Ron Hubbard.

The multiple plot twists and surprising endings are sure to fill readers with shock, excitement, and anticipation. As one reviewer points out, “this book has [readers] run to the end of each chapter to start a new one. Another reviewer praises the stories as “well written and short, which makes them easy to read that can be consumed in chunks over time.” [The book is] very enjoyable. ”Readers will find themselves rethinking the moral and practical questions that artificial intelligence poses to the world long after completing the book.

Andre K. George has spent two decades specializing in computer technology, big data analysis and artificial intelligence. His writing portrays a fictional future anchored in the realities of science and technological progress. The future which, as the author emphasizes, “is inevitable, inevitable and unstoppable like time itself”. me, IA is André’s stellar debut and offers an introduction to what we can expect from our man-made creations after the technological revolution.

me, IA will appeal to a wide range of science fiction readers, including fans of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Daniel H. Wilson Robopocalypse, and that of Martha Wells The assassin’s diaries.

More information on me, IA and the author’s other books and news are available at Amazon as well as that of the author official site.

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