Per Erik Gårder, internationally renowned roundabout expert, professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Maine, edited “Transportation Safety and Security”, one of seven volumes in the 2021 edition of the International Transport Encyclopedia edited by Elsevier.

The encyclopedia, which includes more than 600 articles, incorporates diverse viewpoints on nine topics related to modern transportation, including modes of transport; Transport of goods and logistics; Transportation Safety and Security; transport economics; traffic management; Transport modeling and data management; transport policy and planning; transport psychology; and sustainability and health issues in transport.

As editor of the safety and security volume, Gårder has commissioned over 100 papers from various academics to offer an interdisciplinary cross-section that incorporates the latest findings in security from the fields of engineering, research operational, human factors and sociology. International scholars representing diverse social perspectives have contributed to the encyclopedia to facilitate innovative problem solving and define global best practices in transportation security.

Gårder also wrote three articles for the encyclopedia: “Planning Safe and Secure Transport Infrastructure”, “Bridge Safety” and “Design Safety”, and wrote the introduction to the volume he edited.

The volume will be the essential reference documents for researchers and practitioners, and the writing of the safety and security volume of the encyclopedia reflects Gårder’s stature as a leading global specialist, said Shaleen Jain, chair of the civil and environmental engineering department at UMaine.

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