Featured photographer: Luca Tombolini – “Vistas Paradossales” — Analog Forever Magazine

This constant is the same thing that is inside Luca, in us and in the galaxies that form light years away. As humans, we have given this concept many descriptions, from scientific “Energy” to spiritual “God”. It appears to Luca that “every mind that has embarked on some kind of investigation of these principles has had to describe it and imagine it using the toolbox it had in its imagination. Nevertheless, there is unity and ubiquity in this thing because everything that exists lives and feeds on it. His in-camera composites echo his feelings about inconceivable truths by displaying sunsets, sunrises, and all night in a single frame that reveals gradients of light that do not exist in conscious perception. Throughout her series, the celestial bodies of the sun and moon are juxtaposed at opposite times of day that disrupt our normal perception that what we see is the only reality. His landscapes are a mirror of the unconscious of humanity. Through his images, we can travel, live and contemplate these remote places that deny the superstructure of self and ask the viewer the question of his own existence.

Overall, Luca’s work is an extraordinary dive into questions as old as time. Although he does not discover new scientific frontiers with his work, he does bring these important and thought-provoking questions to the forefront of our minds in an age saturated with materialism. And while he explores these questions with the very material things that keep us from seeing beyond them, there is a spiritual connection and motivation that drives us beyond the first pieces of evidence presented to us in the reality and to open our minds to the treasures we hold in our unconscious.

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