Fanhome Announces 90-Volume Star Wars Encyclopedia Collection

Fan receptionthe leader in subscription collections and spare parts models, has unveiled The Star Wars Encyclopediaa comprehensive volume of work that covers the timeline of the Skywalker saga, from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkeras well as the stories told in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Mandalorianboth streaming on Disney+. The Star Wars Encyclopedia is a monthly subscription with the first shipment containing two books and each subsequent shipment containing four books each. The exclusive Collector’s Edition is currently on sale for an introductory price of $7.99.

For more information on The Star Wars Encyclopedia by Fanhome and to register, go to:

Each book helps fans uncover the secrets of the galaxy by exploring beloved characters, lore, and mythology, which includes in-depth details about the various starships, weapons, planets, and creatures that inhabit them. The Star Wars Encyclopedia collection will cover:

● Characters and Creatures: Fans will find stories of brave heroes, evil villains, talented pilots and brave Jedi Knights in this collection. Each book is packed with in-depth information and character studies from the saga’s most famous names, including Darth Vader, Captain Phasma, Princess Leia, Han Solo, ChewbaccaTM and many more.

● Weapons and Technology: Learn about the firing accuracy of different blasters and the internal components of a lightsaber. Everything from thermal detonators, vibro-blades, hyperspace travel and holocrons are explored in these vast volumes.

● Galactic Atlas: Discover the beauty, danger and mystery of the places that make up the Star Wars galaxy. Through the Encyclopedia, fans will take a guided tour through the vastness of space, from the sophisticated planets located in the Core, the Outer Rim and the eerie Unknown Regions, to the diverse habitats of Tatooine, Hoth, Takodana and Exegol .

● Starships and Vehicles: See the inner workings of the galaxy’s most famous starships and transporters, including the Millennium Falcon, Mandalorian’s Razor Crest, and Supreme Leader Snoke’s Supremacy. From learning about the different types of TIE fighters, to the number of frigates in the Rebel fleet, to exploring the interiors and performance of each vehicle, these volumes are for you.

● Story and Events: Learn about the rise of the evil Emperor Palpatine, the fall of Anakin Skywalker, and the triumph of his son, Luke Skywalker. Relive moments of adventure in this detailed story.

● Droids: This extensive collection allows fans to encounter protocol droids such as C-3POTM, astromechs such as R2-D2TM and BB-8 TM, or droids created for medical or military purposes such as 2-1BTM and K -2SOTM. Discover the uses for which each was developed and their different appearances and stories throughout the saga.

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