Everything we know about the canceled Game of Thrones prequel


Moon of blood was to take place thousands of years before the events of game of thronescontrary to the derisory 200 years between Dragon House and game of thrones, and would cover several topics.

here is the official synopsis:

“The series chronicles the descent of the world from The Golden Age of Heroes in its darkest hour. And only one thing is certain: horrible secrets of Westerosthe story of the true origin of the white walkersthe mysteries of the Orient, to the Starks of legend…that’s not the story we think we know.

If you forgot the White Walkers, they were the big bad guys in the last season of game of thrones (until you-know-who loses your mind). It is a group of zombie-like creatures that were created by the children of the forest when the first men originally arrived in Westeros.

You might be wondering, Children of the Forest? First men? What are you talking about? And these are fair questions.

Whereas game of thrones covered this part of the Song of Ice and Fire lore, he didn’t really go into detail about it. That’s why a series like this would have been amazing.

As JRR Tolkin and The Silmarillion, George RR Martin has created a rich vein of source material that showrunners can mine for years to come. The guy wrote a story book for his invented world called The world of ice and fire.

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Not only would Moon of blood to have covered a subject that we know so little about would also have been from an entirely new perspective. The feminine point of view.

While actors like Milly Alcock do an incredible job of centering the female experience in Dragon Houseit remains a show created and written by men.

For Moon of blood, Jane Goldmanwho is the screenwriter of the next Little Mermaid film, was to be showrunner. And unlike game of throneswhich was literally written by two men, she intended to have a full writing staff.

Martin himself was supposed to be quite removed from the show, operating only in an advisory role and allowing the writers to create their own story from scratch. Kind of like new the Lord of the Rings TV show.

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The cast tied to the show was also quite impressive. Naomi Watts was to play the lead role alongside Naomi Ackie (Star Wars), Sheila Atim (The Woman King), Jamie Bower (Stranger Things) and John Simm (Life on Mars, Doctor Who).

Despite the incredible potential, the show never took off. scrapped HBO Moon of blood on the same day he announced Dragon House.

The official reasoning for canning the series is a bit bland. HBO head of drama programming Casey Bloys said he didn’t deliver “based on the original series.”

The pilot was filmed in 2019, the same year The iron Throneis over, so it’s likely HBO wasn’t sure about diving into such an ambitious topic. Dragon House with its strong premise and based on books written by Martin was perhaps seen as a safer bet.

It’s still a shame because Moon of blood looked awesome. Now that Draco’s Housen is confirmed for another season, maybe HBO will give in and we’ll see something like this down the line.

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