Ethan Than publishes the 2022 edition of Digital Transformation Canvas

Digital Transformation Canvas: A Business Transformation Model for New Growth provides a comprehensive toolkit to drive business success.

Author, advisor and speaker Ethan Than launches the 2022 edition of his book, Digital Transformation Canvas: A Business Transformation for New Growth. It showcases best practices from the world’s most prominent companies and shows a unique perspective on digitization and the next steps. The goal is to help readers achieve new growth and successfully digital transformation of their organizations. Whether you are a business owner, a startup, a non-profit organization, a business executive, or a small business, this book has something for everyone.

“The Digital Transformation Canvas is a comprehensive toolkit for strategizing and implementing digital transformation for businesses,” says Ethan Than.

“The framework is developed from case studies of the top 20 companies that have successfully completed their digital transformation in the past ten years, according to a study published by Harvard Business Review.”

As a digital transformation consultant for over 12 years and a renowned speaker for large enterprises, SMEs, government agencies and educational institutions, Ethan shares his in-depth knowledge of how businesses transform to adapt. in the digital age. In his book, he explains in depth what digital transformation means and how companies can capitalize on existing models to achieve their growth goals. In addition, it shows how to start and complete its digital transformation and measure its success with the help of a success factors survey.

In Ethan’s words, “With this book, you can understand what digital transformation means and how it can help your business achieve new growth. You can learn how to use Digital Transformation Canvas’s 9-step guide.

The book offers an additional 2-day program provided by Ethan-founded sfia academy to educate more people about digital transformation and its benefits. The workshop focuses on the practical application of the Digital Transformation Canvas to help organizational leaders create a successful business roadmap.

Anyone looking for solid business advice can turn to Ethan for dedicated advice as well. The consultancy firm sfia designs digital strategies that allow companies to innovate and transform their business models. It also provides organizations with blockchain-based transformation, from crypto to metaverse, as well as DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFT (non-fungible tokens).

Digital Transformation Canvas is the third installation in Ethan’s series of books, Digital Transformation The Series, following Digital Transformation Compass: From Principles & Process to Real Business Transformation and Digital Transformation in Action: A Step-by-Step Guide to Transforming Business in the Digital Age. All three books provide important business information that produces real transformative results. They are now available for purchase on Amazon.

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