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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The book “Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences. Edition No. 3” of Elsevier Science and Technology has been added to from ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

The third edition of Encyclopedia of Dairy Science will retain the divide that characterized previous editions – one-third primary production, two-thirds dairy products. Unlike previous editions, in which articles were listed alphabetically by topic, this edition will be optimally organized into 9 coherent sections.

This new edition contains 500 articles, the vast majority of which have been significantly revised or are entirely new. Only 40 chapters were retained from the previous edition because they cover fundamental scientific areas that are still relevant and important today. All articles have been reviewed by specialists in their field.

Dairy science includes the study of milk and milk-derived food products, the examination of the biological, chemical, physical and microbiological aspects of the milk itself, as well as the technological (processing) aspects of converting milk into its various consumer products, including beverages, fermented products, concentrated and dried products, butter and ice cream.

This encyclopedia includes information on the possible impact of genetic modification of dairy animals, safety issues of raw milk and raw milk products, peptides in milk, dairy allergies, packaging and shelf life and other topics of importance and interest to dairy producers. research and industry.

The Encyclopedia of Dairy Science, five volume set is the only book available that covers in detail the entirety of dairy science, from raising dairy animals, to producing milk, to processing milk into a myriad of dairy products and ingredients, to the effects of dairy products on human health.

Main topics covered:

Dairy animal management

Biology of dairy production

Nutritional and health aspects of milk for humans

Dried liquid dairy products, concentrates and analyzes

Milk, production and non-bovine products

dairy chemistry

Dairy microbiology

Dairy processing and technology

Cheeses and fermented milks

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