Douglas Parson Jr.: The Art of Turning Bricks

Douglas Parson Jr! It’s more than selling houses, it’s cultural empowerment through real estate assets, acknowledges producer ATL Jacob.

The Art of Flipping Bricks Celebrity VIP Book Drop!

The value of the property you own will never decrease. The depreciated value of a new car is an example of an investment that could leave you with little or nothing of value. Other examples include stock market investments, the value of which can drop to zero. You can expect your money to appreciate in the real estate market, whether you have invested it in residential or commercial property.

For me, it’s about helping to build a community of generational richness and sustainability. Celebrities and musicians have cultural ears, so I became a famous real estate agent. I didn’t do it for the fame, I did it to inspire and motivate as many people as possible by selling houses to famous people. Famous people have a large following that admires them. Maybe a celebrity client of mine could inspire someone to take a different path with their resources or get into the world of investing through real estate. I was recently able to complete a real estate transaction for multi-platinum music producer ATL Jacob.

These agreements give young people hope that anything is possible when you believe in something and do the work to make it happen.

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