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DALLAS, TX, March 5, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today we’d like to introduce you to Marquita L. Sikes.

Marquita is here to help. As a Certified Life Coach and Motivational Domestic Violence Speaker, she has the experience and knowledge to help you break free from your toxic relationship and build a better life for yourself.

It is an honor to speak with you today.

Why not give us some details about you and your story? How did you get where you are today?

I come from a cycle of poverty and I was determined to break that cycle. As a little girl, I started experimenting with drugs at the age of 12. Many obstacles tried to hinder my success such as “Low self-esteem, Abuse, addiction, and other things but thanks to faith and GOD, I was able to break through these strongholds. I started to get tired of the way I was living and after becoming a mother, fearing that I would be an unfit parent, I realized that life had so much more for me, but I just needed to take action. After getting clean and taking control of my life, I started my business Caterpillar To Butterflies Life Coaching on August 12, 2018 and within a few months I grew tremendously. I’m not ashamed of my story. My story is what connects me to my target audience.

I’m sure your success didn’t come easily. What challenges did you have to overcome along the way?

The road to success in my life has been quite bumpy. I did not have the pleasure of a smooth road. I had many obstacles on this journey. Doubt, fear, anxiety and procrastination. I can say that as a “mompreneur”, there were many nights where I wanted to give up and stop everything. Now, looking at every bump in the road and every struggle, I can say that it gave me the strength and the courage to give to the woman I consult in my business. I started my business with nothing but faith, a dream and 0 dollars. I do not want to say anything. When I started my business, I had financial difficulties. but I did not give up. I knew I had a purpose in what I was doing. The tenacity I have is why I became the speaker and life coach I am today. My success was not easy but it was worth it! If I could redo it, I would. Why? Because now I have a passion to make sure all of my clients are successful. All I can say is BUT GOD! I can do ANYTHING through Christ who gives me strength. He is the reason for my success.

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you versus the competition?

My conversation and life coaching business specializes in helping support women get out of toxic/abusive relationships. I developed the name “Marquita L. Sikes “The Lifeologist”. What sets me apart from other life coaches and speakers is that I am more connected to my clients.

What is your best advice for readers who want to succeed in their lives?

ALWAYS SHOW! Don’t let your current situation keep you from showing up. I promise that if you SHOW up, GOD will show up. Write down the vision, make it clear! Take the first step, GOD will take step 2. In my struggles, I have overcome many attempts to delay my arrival at the goal. I am a living witness that your past does not determine your future. If you submit to GOD, the enemy will flee. He may come to distract you, but if you hold on to GOD’s Word you will win! My tenacity is the reason why I am CEO of several brands, an investor. You have to want success as much as you want the air to breathe. Having this kind of motivation will give you armor of resilience. Resilience is the key. Don’t let anything distract you from your why. Your why is the reason you wanted to succeed in the first place. Do your research. Study to show yourself approved to your customers. Determine who your target audience is and give them the remedy for what is missing in their life or on their path to success.

Speaking of success, what does that word mean to you?

Success is a feeling of giving back to the world and making a difference. It’s a feeling of accomplishment in all areas of my life. Success comes down to others to help achieve a level of success. Success is leaving a legacy for my children. Success is no matter how many times I get knocked down making sure I get back up. Success is knowing that I am not perfect, but perfecting my craft in every way possible. This is what success means to me personally.

What’s next for you?

We are developing an online course that will give aspiring business owners the tools to succeed. Our online course will feature digital courses in trauma management, a best-selling book, titled Rescued My story of Betrayal and Survival. We will also have digital products and e-books for sale.

Finally, how can people get in touch with you if they want to know more?

You can reach us at
Facebook Marquita L Sikes
Instagram Coachmarquitalsikes
Linkedin coachmarquitalsikes
E-mail [email protected]
by phone 314-669-4719

My name is Marquita L. Sikes. I am 37 years old from Saint Louis, Missouri.

She began experimenting with drugs at the age of 12 to help deal with the rejection she felt and to deal with the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Marquita turned to drugs to calm my mind because she could never rest and always felt out of place and unwanted.

Her friends who were also drug addicts were the only ones who accepted her. She found herself repeating the same vicious cycle of her childhood. When Marquita found out she was pregnant, she was afraid my child would be taken away from me and raised in foster care like she was.

At that time, someone special came into my life; A stranger who watched her in the neighborhood and worried more and more. Her name was “Big Mama”. I found out later that her name was Anita. She was also an ex-prostitute. She approached her and said that God told her to find me after dreaming that she had been murdered. That day Anita found Marquita, Anita took Marquita home and convinced her that she needed help with her and her baby. Marquita decided to take help after giving up my newborn baby because she wanted to be a mother.

Marquita decided to go to an inpatient rehabilitation program. April She celebrated her 16th birthday. Marquita has been a life coach since 2018 through a company she founded called Caterpillars to Butterflies.

Marquita teaches women how to overcome abuse and rejection. She gives them the tools they need Marquita likes to see hope restored. Marquita can give back to people what Anita gave her.

Meeting today’s challenges requires problem solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. Caterpillars to Butterflies Life Coaching was born out of a desire to inspire and support the community, and a desire that actions speak louder than words. Established on August 12, 2018, we are an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions and a strong base of support. Contact us to learn more and get involved. The Caterpillars To Butterflies life coaching program is structured to give you the tools to go from stress to empowerment!

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