DC’s Latest Encyclopedia is a Must-Have for New Fans

With DC’s latest version of its encyclopedia spanning the cosmos, any fan can become a DC expert before diving into the new world of Infinite Frontier.

The history of DC Comics the universe has always been extremely confusing – the main continuity undergoing several Major reboots in recent decades – but the new DC Comics Encyclopedia will provide even the most casual fans with all the knowledge necessary to fully understand and appreciate the new era of DC, Infinite border. The Latest Edition of The Definitive Guide to DC Universe History includes information on over 1,200 characters, plus all of the major crossovers and defining Omniverse events of the past few years, right through to the most recent. End of the world clock and Black Nights: Death Metal events.


In the spring of 2021, DC Comics began its next major comic book era – Infinite border – and understand what Infinite border Means for previous iterations of beloved DC characters are critically important to fully benefiting from the new stories being released. After the events of Death Metal and Generations everyone in the DC Universe is now fully aware of the existence of the Omniverse. In the current continuity, the past stories of all characters have been confirmed as canon as the universe continues to grapple with the repercussions of the events established in DC Renaissance. If it sounds complicated, it’s because it’s, but luckily, DC Comics has released the latest edition of its encyclopedia to help anyone better understand the current state of Earth-0 and the entire Omniverse.

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The DC Comics Encyclopedia – written by Matthew Manning with a taste of DC legend Jim Lee – was created in direct collaboration with DC and offers fans new and old alike a huge selection of character bios and stunning artwork . The encyclopedia is “… the most comprehensive A-to-Z guide to DC’s pantheon of superheroes and villains” and he understands, “… the latest breakthrough developments in the DC Multiverse, with profiles over 1,200 characters.” While anyone could pick up a Infinite border title and appreciating art and writing, to fully appreciate character development and interpersonal relationships, understanding a character’s past history is essential, which this definitive guide certainly provides.

DC Encyclopedia Cover

DC Encyclopedia Announcement

After a beautifully written introduction and an incredibly helpful “Brief History of the DC Universe”, the book delves into the hundreds of characters (big and small) that exist in the DC Universe. Each main character is given an entire page, with information about personal data, their history in the universe, a list of their most classic stories, some little-known facts about them (which is especially useful when there is had several iterations of the same hero), and a collection of picturesque illustrations. While this wonderful new edition of the DC Encyclopedia is an incredible tool to use to fully understand current events in the main DC Universe, it also provides a wealth of information on lesser-known heroes and villains that are sure to please. sure all fans, as information about Duela Dent, a twisted teenage girl who found the Joker’s cut face and started wearing it herself, committing vicious crimes and calling herself “The Joker’s Daughter”.

DC Comics has been around for decades and countless iconic characters have been lost in the sands of publication. The latest edition of DC’s massive 384-page encyclopedia is sure to put many classic and lesser-known characters in the spotlight for any new or longtime fan, and every reader will be delighted with the jaw-dropping artwork displayed on every page. . Make sure to check The DC Comics Encyclopedia most recent edition because it is a must have for any fan of DC Comics, and will certainly prepare all who read it to fully understand and appreciate the new Infinite border the era of the DC Omniverse.

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