Calling all history buffs: help grow and prosper The Encyclopedia of Surfing

Over the past decade, author and surfing historian Matt Warshaw has built the world’s largest digital archive of surfing history, documenting the surfing past in ways that are invaluable to generations past, present and future. Anyone who subscribes to Encyclopedia of Surfing knows the feeling of quickly falling down the rabbit hole of old surfing and discovering new things about the various icons of our sport.

This holiday season, Warshaw is hosting a fundraiser to help keep EOS thriving and if you’re feeling joyful and in the mood to give, click here to be part of the EOS 2022 effort. Keep reading for a rating of Warshaw itself and do yourself (or your beloved surfer) a favor by subscribing here.

A letter from Matt Warshaw, Executive Director of Encyclopedia of Surfing:

“Hello surfers and all lovers of surf culture. Fundraising for the Encyclopedia of Surfing 2021 is on (December 6-16), and if that’s enough to trigger the credit card extension reflex, click here to donate, and here to subscribe or buy a sub-gift.

A quick look back at 2021. EOS growth has been slow and steady. We’ve added 300 subscribers, more or less, bringing the total to just over 2,400. We have 50,000 in the bank, but let’s get too excited about it, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. In terms of content, EOS has grown in all directions over the past year. I’m especially glad we’ve published full pages for every Duke contest (click here; go to the ‘contests’ tab), and have done the same for all of the Makaha and Smirnoff events. We continue to digitize, tag, catalog and archive all manner of surf-related media, much of which is in danger of disappearing into the void. The Sunday Joint, meanwhile, took on a life of its own. The Joint now resides in my head as a little digital magazine, and publishing it weekly, then emailing everyone who responds, is the best part of my job.

Next year will be transformative for EOS. We are adding a Books section to the site, and a redesigned search page will come with a robust filter menu, allowing faster and more accurate access to all pages. But the real main event is EOS moving to a ‘headless’ content management system, which you can read about here, or just take my word for it the process is messy, gnarly and expensive, and it will suck probably the savings EOS dry account. It is worth it, however, because it is totally necessary for EOS to evolve intelligently into the future.

This back-end rebuild will have little or no effect on the day-to-day operation of EOS. That said, productivity here should be double or triple what it is, which brings us back to fundraising and the fact that EOS needs money to buy LOTS more hands-on hours. The amount of work that remains to be done on this site is staggering. The entire staff of EOS, at the moment, consists of one full-time employee (me) and two part-time employees.

The demand in 2021 is therefore double.

1. Help fund the rebuilding of EOS.

2. Buy more hours of work – lots of hours, the more the better.

The good news is that because EOS overhead is low and our marketing and promotions budget is nil, 100% of your donation money goes towards these two purposes.

Working on EOS is a privilege and a joy, and while I humbly submit that the site is pretty darn awesome the way it is, the job isn’t even 10% complete. I will continue to work on EOS for the rest of my life, and I will be happy about it, but the more ground I can cover between now and this Final Kickout, the happier I will be, and the sport will be better served as well. Very win-win.

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