California Publisher Receives BOOK OF THE YEAR for New Storybook “WHY AM I”

SANTA BARBARA, California, August 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Seven Seas Press, an all-female publishing house, creates inspiring English and bilingual children’s books. Through their nonprofit programs, they fundraise and partner with local, national and international organizations that support families and donate books to the children these agencies serve.

“We are delighted to announce our new version, WHY AM I, received top BOOK OF THE YEAR honors from Creative Child Magazine. This moving and timely book is a love letter to our precious planet and its inhabitants. We are so happy author Colleen McCarthy-Evans and illustrator Sarah dietz received this recognition for their fine work. ”
Executive Director of Seven Seas Press, Erika Römer

McCarthy-Evans is the co-creator of dozens of award-winning children’s books and family board games, with over 2 million copies sold to date. She offers a few words on how the new book came to be:

“I woke up one morning with the start of ‘Why am I’ in mind. I envisioned a variety of characters offering this question to Heaven, and how Heaven might answer. These adorable characters remind us that we are all precious, even if for the simple fact that we to exist. ”

Whimsical illustrator Sarah dietz of Leipzig, Germany expresses perfectly with its charming drawings the sweetness of McCarthy-Evans words offered in lyrical rhythm and rhymes.

The author and illustrator met and collaborated only by email in different international time zones over the course of a few months, to bring their collective magic to this book.


Why am i
Said the dew to the sky
You make the day new
Said the sky to the dew

Why am i
said the bird to the sky
So we ask to be heard
Said the sky to the bird

Creative Child Magazine is a national publication on parents that sponsors an annual awards program. Sixty parents and educators gather in a convention center in Henderson, Nevada to test and evaluate submissions. WHY did I receive the BOOK OF THE YEAR 2021 AWARD in the Children’s Storybook category.

Thoughtful discussion questions and fun activities at the end of these award-winning children’s books provide added value for parents and teachers. Seven Seas Press invites you to explore their books and support their giving programs by purchasing books for loved ones and / or becoming a donor on

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SOURCE Seven Seas Press

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