Book review: Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Fake by Neal Shusterman


by Neal Shusterman

This is a 5 star book in my opinion. It’s the first in a series and certainly deserved the award on its cover. It’s kind of dystopian but not in the usual sense. Instead of things being their worst, things are actually at their peak and death is no longer a thing. Leave me

Humans have learned to control hunger and disease and war isn’t even a thing anymore. Unfortunately, without deaths, there is a population problem. Enter the fakes. They are the only ones responsible for controlling death in what they call gleaning and must meet a quota each year. They choose who, how and when. Rowan and Citra are both teenagers chosen to apprentice under the same scythe, but only one can be chosen. They must learn to take lives while trying to save their own. Can they respect their morals and empathize with those they choose to glean? Could this be our future?

Promise, if you try this book, you’ll be short on finding the other two in the series as soon as you’re done! It’s written for young adults, but as an adult I enjoyed this fast-paced novel and found myself rooting for both Rowan and Citra, sometimes simultaneously.

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