Blind date: ‘I… am a bit of an encyclopedia of useless information’

HIS PERFECT SATURDAY: Ride your electric skateboard

HIS INTEREST: Anime, TV shows, video games

ELDER : 29/ administrative assistant

LAST THING SHE READ: Vulture Profile of Joss Whedon

HIS INTERESTS : Podcasts, improvisation and watching trash TV



Rick [I was feeling] frustration with dating apps.

Elder I was looking for a different option rather than the standard apps.

Rick I listened to my audiobook.

Elder I got home from work a little early, did my yoga routine at home, had a Ruby Red Grapefruit White Claw (raw) and got ready. Someone told me recently that nervousness and excitement are the same emotion, and I think that’s how I applied it to this situation.

Rick We were both early. I sat at the reserved table and I guess that’s how she knew it was me, because she sat down right away.

Elder I arrived at the restaurant, then I asked the waiter for a table for two and she asked me who I was waiting for. I told her and she pointed to a man sitting in one of the booths near the kitchen.

Rick [She was] cute. I liked her white streak in her hair. Seemed calm, maybe nervous later.

Elder He wore a beanie, a sweatshirt and Nightmare Before Christmas tee. [I wondered if he’d] shower. I was not dressed but he was really disguised. My heart collapsed.


Rick [We talked about] how we heard about it and what kind of things might have matched us.

Elder We explained why we signed up. We talked about our favorite movies and shows, things that might have matched us.

Rick She really likes reality TV; I’ve suggested a few of my favorite scripted shows.

Elder He is from Maine and grew up on a farm. He’s into IT and has talked a lot about the different types of cables needed to charge Mac products.

Rick I had a Cajun chicken pot pie. This is my favorite restaurant in Boston. The food is always excellent, as well as the service.

Elder I ordered the chicken pot pie and the white wine. The service was amazing. The staff was very nice. I loved the vibe of the place. It’s nice and small and cozy. I would definitely recommend.

Rick She looked cool; I would like to know her better.

Elder I’m really good at making conversation with people and I’m a bit of an encyclopedia of useless information. I was able to keep the conversation going. I don’t know if we could have anything in common beyond an introductory conversation.

Rick Not too many things in common, but maybe not enough time to find the other stuff.

Elder I acted like I was more comfortable than I thought. He said at one point that “I usually break up on first dates” and that was a red flag for me. Thanks for paying, boston globe!


Rick She left quite suddenly.

Elder As soon as the check arrived, I called my Lyft. He gave me a root beer from a Maine brewery. I have some in my fridge.


Rick Maybe not, she didn’t seem interested. Maybe I’m misinterpreting it. It will be up to her if she is interested.

Elder No.


Rick /B-

Elder / VS-

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