Barry Callebaut Publishes Ruby Encyclopedia Volume II

Almost a year after the launch of Ruby Encyclopedia Volume I, a guide to everything chefs need to know about Ruby chocolate, Chocolate Academy North America has released the highly anticipated Ruby Encyclopedia Volume II.

Compared to Volume I, which focuses on confections, baked goods and desserts, the new volume covers ice cream and beverages that use the popular Ruby chocolate. The new guide was officially launched on Monday, March 7.

Ruby Encyclopedia is a multi-asset tool to help American and Canadian chefs explore and deepen the possibilities of Ruby chocolate. Volume II features 6 chapters and 46 innovative recipes that feature limitless combinations of flavors, textures, and colors.

Volume II provides basic recipes for ice creams, gelatos and drinks; specialty ice cream with Ruby and other chocolates; and hot, cold and mixed drinks as well as a chapter dedicated to Ruby cocktails.

Some of the recipes featured include:

  • Gelato Ruby Stracciatella
  • Ruby Gold coffee ice cream
  • Raspberry Ruby Ice Cream
  • Kir Royale
  • summer sangria
  • spice wine
  • Coconut Acai Shake
  • Pistachio Ruby Ice Cream

Both volumes of Ruby Encyclopedia can be downloaded from Barry Callebaut’s website. They are available in English and French.

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