Author’s Tranquility Press supports the invasion of David Muncy: The Surin Knights

Providers of innovative marketing and advertising solutions, Author’s Tranquility Press, is partnering with talented author David Muncy for the publication of “Invasion: The Surin Knights”.

David Muncy recently launched a new book called Invasion: The Surin Knights, where he chronicles the experiences of a king after being summoned for a problem that may well threaten his reign. The amazement of the story and its relatability with all categories of readers was reiterated with the involvement of Author’s Tranquility Press in promoting the book to reach a wider audience.

Creating a bestseller requires more than writing a compelling story, because the book must reach the target audience, in this case, readers, to achieve that status. Consequently, the place of marketing remains extremely important for all categories of authors, whatever the genre. Unfortunately, thousands of writers continue to struggle to publish their stories despite the plethora of marketing solutions available. However, the team at Author’s Tranquility Press seeks to change that narrative by leveraging its expertise to promote quality content from writers, as evidenced by David Muncy. Invasion: The Surin Knights.

Invasion: The Surin Knights chronicles how the Knights of Surin fought to defend all they hold dear as King Locke’s past comes back to haunt him and, more ominously, threaten the safety of his kingdom. Author’s Tranquility Press’s decision to support David Muncy on his latest work is a reiteration of the company’s commitment to delivering quality content to readers around the world.

Invasion: The Surin Knights is currently available on Amazon in different versions to suit the preferences of readers around the world.

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About David Muncy

David Muncy is an avid reader who always appreciates a good story. Over the years he has written stories for fun and is currently focused on sharing his storytelling with the world to inspire, educate and entertain readers.

About the Author’s Tranquility Press

Author’s Tranquility Press is an advertising agency that focuses on self-published authors, using traditional and digital marketing solutions to deliver top-notch results. The goal is to help authors realize their dreams by providing the best marketing tool for beginners or established authors by developing the right marketing tools using strategic materials and providing a new place to learn through all kinds publishing platforms.

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