Anthony Fedele’s “Thomas ‘Little Tommy Clams’ Bonetti: A Brooklyn Storybook of Good Times, Good Food, and Good Fellas” is published, a collection of tales from an Italian neighborhood and recipes

“Thomas ‘Little Tommy Clams’ Bonetti: A Brooklyn Storybook of Good Times, Good Food, and Good Fellas” by Anthony Fedele has been released worldwide. This 296-page tome combines the sarcastic stories of Thomas “Little Tommy Clams” Bonetti (as dictated to his nephew, Anthony Fedele) with recipes for delicious Italian cuisine. Each story focuses on an original character from Brooklyn’s Bonetti neighborhood, often with hilarious results. Readers will meet people with nicknames like Cockeyed Joey and Billy Bang Bang, gain insight into the unique culture of New York Italians, and end each section with step-by-step recipes delivered in a way only Little Tommy Clams could.

These are real stories based on real people. Part comedy, dark gangster, and cookbook, this book will fire your imagination and fill your stomach every step of the way.

Thomas “Little Tommy Clams” Bonetti: A Brooklyn Storybook of Good Times, Good Food, and Good Fellas (ISBN: 9781736734278) by Anthony Fedele can be purchased from retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The hardcover retails for $32.99. Bulk orders are available through Ingram.


“I was just another WWII baby who couldn’t wait to get out of the baby ward at Wyckoff Hospital on St. Nicholas Avenue. Four days later I was delivered to my new home. , a dark four room railroad apartment on Jefferson St. At one end was our living room and at the other end was our kitchen with a creaky window that opened to a clothesline and a distant view of Statue of Liberty.

“I don’t like to talk about my life, but I think you better get the facts from the horse’s mouth than from my ex-wife or some shiny Federal Bureau of Idiots suit.” Yeah, these are the same Mamluks who spent years investigating the hidden meaning of “Louie, Louie,” the rock song. Go figure this one out.

“My Brooklyn neighborhood still lives in the dark ages of potions, superstition, magic elixirs, and deadly curses. Touched by an evil eye? You’re cursed. Toast with a glass of water or an empty glass? You You’re cursed. Flipping a loaf of fresh bread? You’re cursed. But as they say in those late-night commercials, “But wait, there’s more!” find a husband? Or maybe, just maybe, you want an elixir to eliminate your mustache that rivals your husband’s? Did my neighborhood get worried? Leave me alone! We had Bianca Elena Lintini – at least that’s how the priests and the Sisters of Saint Joseph knew it, but for us mortals it was La Strega!

From the back cover:

Brooklyn’s Little Tommy Clams finally comes clean with neighborhood stories and recipes from family and friends to die for.

About the Author:

Anthony Fedele comes from an Italian family full of professional diversity and old school values. A graduate of the University of Florida and recipient of international television awards, Anthony is a self-taught chef and has appeared in Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef. He is currently developing a television series based on the stories of his uncle Tommy.

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