A truthful and life-changing book written by Karen Wells

In a world of impending challenges, doubts and frustrations, it is easy to become discouraged or even defeated in life. The truth is that, from time to time, we all encounter obstacles and it may even seem that unseen forces are at work to prevent us from meaningfully moving forward. Whether it’s dealing with huge mistakes and their painful consequences or simply getting practical advice for everyday life, author Karen Wells has written a book that could impact your life for always.

Microwaved self-help books aside, Heart of Wisdom penetrates the soul, methodically providing the reader with the tools they need to make better decisions and choices. in life. Are you tired of a life full of mistakes, obstacles and regrets? Are you perplexed as to how to overcome the defects of the human heart? Are you dreading the next trap the enemy has set against your life? Author Karen Wells tackles it all in this practical and thought-provoking book. Heart of Wisdom will challenge you to think differently about your life situations, because this book is not about lofty hypothetical answers, but about proven solutions.

Heart of Wisdom can be an important title for a book, but don’t pass it up! Filled with insightful research, observations and stories, this compilation of valuable information will appeal to anyone who is ready to apply the principles of wisdom that will set you on the path to prosperity in every sense of the word. Heart of Wisdom is designed to speak to the heart. Its pages will seek you out. Heart of Wisdom also seeks to locate the one who suffers in the path of life and no longer knows where to turn for answers.

You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to read this book. It is a refreshing and non-judgmental read. Simply put, author Karen Wells has a way of taking truths found in scripture and bringing them home. Somewhere in the pages dealing with many things, your eyes will be opened and your heart will be touched. Ultimately, Heart of Wisdom will bring you closer to the arms of God and make you see life from a more truthful and life-changing perspective, at the same time creating the clear path for a blessed life.

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About the Author

Karen Wells is an ordained minister and a seasoned teacher of the Word of God. She and her husband, Rev. Stephen Wells, are founders and pastors of Well of Life Ministries in Houston, Texas. Their ministry includes conducting seminars that provide in-depth teaching on topics of healing, deliverance, and life skills for overcoming. They have served together in the ministry for over twenty years and reside in Richmond, Texas.

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