Each household should have a financial reserve in case of unexpected expenses or security in situations such as long-term illness, accident or job loss. This reserve should be at least three times the regular monthly expenses. However, despite savings and careful money management from time to time, most of us need to borrow money for a variety of purposes in the short term. And according to all available laws of approval, this usually happens before payday, that is, before the day when we gain access to resources. This financial need is so specific that standard short-term micro loans do not suit it. When negotiating a micro loan, you choose the maturity period in advance and set the amount of the regular installments. Therefore, you agree when and when you make a payment. This is not the case when the solvency and disposable sum of money are changing month by month, too favorable.

Zaloan Credit – flexible loan up to CZK 35,000

Zaloan Credit - flexible loan up to CZK 35,000


A perfect flexible loan operating similarly to an overdraft up to CZK 35,000 with the maximum freedom of repayment and determining how much of the amount you owe? Yes, this is a brief description of Zaloan Credit. It offers the ability to access money quickly and easily from your furnished online account at any time so that you have the resources you need in just a few minutes. It is up to you to pay the entire borrowed amount on a one-off basis, or choose a minimum monthly payment of 12.5% ​​of the amount currently due. You always pay only daily interest for the service and a fee for drawing the amount. In addition, if you use this product for the first time as a new client, you will not be charged for this fee. The big advantage is that you only pay for the financial reserve service when you need the money and actually use it. Otherwise, you don’t pay anything for keeping an account. Compared to classic micro loans you save up to 75%.

How can I apply for Zaloan Credit?

How can I apply for Zaloan Credit?


It’s easy. On the Zaloan.cz website, you can use the calculator to get a concrete idea of ​​how much interest and minimum monthly repayments are required for the amount requested. The loan application itself is very easy and is handled in a few clicks. All you have to do is fill in the basic personal information and then the financial information section so that you can get the money sent immediately. After completing a simple form, a customer service representative will contact you to verify the information you have entered. The first loan can be sent to your bank account as soon as it is approved. In the case of repeated drawdowns, it is no longer necessary to verify the data entered by the customer service, there is no need to prove income and the money is immediately sent to the bank account. The product includes the possibility to use the payment holiday twice a year. The loan is suitable not only for private individuals but also for small entrepreneurs. Every citizen of the Czech Republic from the age of 21 can apply for Zaloan Credit.